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    Default Stalwart Defender and Druid Forms

    ---This post is primarily about the fighter's Stalwart Defender enhancement line, but also deals with the druid's Nature's Warrior line--

    On live, I have a 14/6 druid/fighter who fights in Dire Bear form and takes advantage of the Stalwart Defender I prestige enhancements. She's purely a flavor character, but ends up being a decent tank with solid AOE damage capabilities (she's garbage for ST though). Anyway, on live, she benefits from the Stalwart Defender AC and stat bonuses as well as similar bear-form bonuses, and her typical main/offhand combination is scimitar+shield.

    Out of curiosity, I loaded up Lamannia to see what I'd gain and lose with the enhancement pass. The results... well, they don't look good. Not because the new enhancements suck -- they don't: on paper, she actually should see considerable improvement.

    Lamannia: Equipped with a shield, invested rather heavily in the Stalwart Defender line including the greater improvements: Hardy Defence (+6 competence to Con while wielding a shield in Stalwart Defence), Tenacious Defense (+20% competence to max HP while wielding a shield in Stalwart Defence), and Strong Defense (+6 competence to Str while wielding a shield in Stalwart defence). These bonuses do NOT work in bear form despite the fact I'm equipped with a shield -- other Stalwart Defence bonuses which do not specifically require a shield, such as the PRR bonuses, do however work.

    I recognize this is likely due to treating the animal forms as being equipped with natural weapons, but I am curious if this is completely intentional or not? If it is, will there be any efforts to further improve the druid bear forms?
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    I dont think the druid change. Your build maybe its fun (for me its the best thing a build can have)

    Yes, the problem its the animal form, or the druid class, If you want to get more AC, you must equip a heavy armor, and if you equip one, you lose the animal form.
    In animal form, you lose the stalwart defense bonus, your weapon and shield its equiped but, dont. You fight unarmed, no weapon bonus apply, only the weapon's effects its added (If i'm not wrong)

    Dont forget the Druid can`t wear metal, in shields and armor.

    The devs can search a way to improve the bear and wolf form, but the best way they can improve the Druid its add more forms,

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