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    Default Named weapons need paragon/epic/epic II flagging

    Heya, great job on listening to feedback.

    So, I've been collecting info on the item system for myself and friends figuring out changes and the paragon/epic/epic II effects on weapons essentially change weapons from the base 1.0 to 1.5/2.0/2.5 on random drop gear. My concern is the new named gear isn't flagged for these effects? Level 28 epic elite gear obviously qualifies for the enchantment number but still carries a 2[W] base damage?

    I must admit that I was a bit disappointed equipping the new wraps on my monk (wraps don't show [W], you are blind until you equip them) and saw 0.5 increase from the impact II? The grave wrappings (ML:20) still outclass the EE ML:28 thunder & lightning but that's an argument for another thread. The least we could do is make the poor things hit as hard as random gen loot?

    Elemental fury (short sword) is 2[W]
    Frostbite blade (scimitar) 2[W]

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    Hopefully that's a bug and is implemented on release, cause yeah it makes the weapons fall way short of the mark if so.
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