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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaviusMaximus View Post
    For me, new content and new character building rules both keep the game moving.

    My apologies for contributing to the derailment of this thread. To address the OP, I would recommend doing a little research on the wiki once it is updated with the finalized enhancement info before spending points if you are worried about the plat reset costs that might come with too much trial and error.
    Is there still a 72 hour timer for resetting enhancements?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlmGhandi View Post
    So there have been enough logging problems / character copy problems with Lam for me to no longer try and bother trying to get in.

    Can someone please tell me what to expect after I have downloaded the update on the 19th? Am I going to have my characters and alts with lots of AP to spend and no enhancements? Then I have to go and talk to a trainer and try and figure out the new enhancement system?

    Have Turbine said anything about having a few days / hours of free enhancements respeccing as much as you want at the trainers... so that we can try and figure out how to not break our characters? Otherwise things could be getting expensive.
    Pressing Ctrl+R will now bring up your enhancements.
    You will get a +20 Lesser TR Heart.

    All your low level items will now have more levels, those level 0 rings from Reign of Madness will now be level 11, all your items from The Sharn Syndicate that were level 0 are now level 3 and the end reward weapons that were level 2 are now all level 5. If you have any Risia Ice Game items that just have fost,icey burst without Festival infront of them will now go up 2/4 levels. All you detect secret door clickies are now worthless.

    All loot gen items are now better then quest arc rewards (unless they are named items).

    Just some of the nice things to look farward too, as well as the extended down time of 4 hours that we always get on an update and dont forget all those nice new bugs that we will find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oweieie View Post
    I don't consider a massive nerf to some of my characters that I've been playing for years to be "fine" even if there are different options now that are even more powerful. If the manufacturer decides to replace my car with a newer model that is all well and good but when they put the steering wheel on the wrong side it doesn't matter if it has 10 more horse power and has new car smell.
    I'm so sick of hearing about nerfs. The problem with the pass isn't nerfs. It's ridiculous OP buffs that further trivialize content. I don't know what your complaint is. If your goal isn't to have an optimal toon, don't worry, there's a million build choices you can choose to gimp yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirShen View Post
    Just some of the nice things to look farward too, as well as the extended down time of 4 hours that we always get on an update and dont forget all those nice new bugs that we will find.

    Don't forget hotfix 1, 2 and 3 and then Patch 1 and 2 to get it correct.
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    There will be an update downtime
    There will be a boost/peak in player activity
    That will fall off to pre expansion levels over a time frame
    Time frame will be related to fun/reward/replayabilty
    There will be much nashing of teeth
    Some people will leave
    Some will stay and threaten to leave
    Some will pretend to
    Some will question Turbines sanity/competence/maliciousness
    Some will leap to defend turbines honor

    In the end re-rolling chest loot for Astral shards will be forgiven.

    Oh and some minor grumbling about new enhancements and redoing characters bla blah something or another.

    Okay question answered /thread over

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