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    Quote Originally Posted by Delacroix21 View Post
    Guys this enhancement is perfest as is! Its so much better as a strength bonus with all the +10-11 stat items out there. Many paladins can walk around with 50+ strength and charisma easily. Huge saves, solid strength checks against web dcs etc, and solid dps. Who cares that this wont stack with a measly +3 insightfull strength item?

    Base str 14
    Tome 4
    Item 11
    Exception 1
    Total 30

    Base cha 18
    Tome 4
    11 item
    7 level
    1 exeption
    2 insight
    5 enhancements
    Total 48

    Strenght 30+19 from charisma
    Total 49!

    No ship, fury shout , yugo, tensor, madstone!

    Buffed cha 52

    Buffed str (above buffs) 45
    +21 from charisma
    Total 66
    great, very great, all nice, but here is a problem, the values you show here are something you can get at lvl 28!!! to get that much charisma you need to nearly dump all other stats and on paladin that needs most of those stats its shot in foot, becouse till you reach the levels your so perfect charisma will be giveing you so low bonus it wont even matter. dont forget that we are talking NOT ABOUT DESTINY EFFECT but a thing you can take BEFORE EVEN PALLY GETS TURNS!!! (its stupid but it is like that), what will be your cha bonus at lvl 4? +4? so you will have +2 to damage? this is soooooo worth it. so worth dumping all other stats to become spellsinger bard alike.
    second thing you calculate +4 tomes and +11 items, you are talking from the high point of a person that starts in this new system with lvl 25 char, haveing bank full of tomes to spare, and used probably +4 on everything, what about ppl who DONT HAVE THAT, F..k them? paladin was never, NEVER meant to be a min/max class. and let me tell you that even if you get that 50 str + those 30 second bonuses to raise that even higher, fighters, barbarians will still laugh at your dps.
    also you ask who cares about some +3 insight items not stacking, i think everyone who farmed their sanity off on getting their current gear with such bonuses and now they are being told that they wasted time and can discard it and start again, seriously?

    divine might should be 1 tier only, based on pnp version, so requirements of haveing enough str and haveing POWER ATTACK, and giveing charisma mod to damage, with duration based on cha mod, changes to core class abilities like that are again showing that its not DND based game but Turbine Dungeons, more changes like that and we will have another neverwinter....... tyvm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Delacroix21 View Post
    Oh I'm sorry, you must have MISSED the part where you had 49 strength with NO buffs! Not to mention some of those buffs every pally should have.

    And you are WRONG, even without those buffs you get a BIGGER boost to damage then live.

    Unbuffed charisma: 48
    Adds: 19 strength
    Equal to 9 damage 1 handed, 14 damage live
    Adds 9 to hit
    Adds 9 to tactical DCs
    Adds 19 to strength checks (webs etc)

    Your right, a lousy 8 damage is better than 9 (14 if THF) plus all those other benefits. Gimme a break.
    You either missed my point or are messing up your math.

    On live right now I get 50 STR, the only "short term" buff I have is ship buff. This gives me +20 to damage +8 from DM4 = +28 damage.

    In your example your maxed out STR was 66 which = +28 damage but with lots of short term buffs, many of which I cannot use as a defender in stance. If I did use some of those buffs then that means I would be losing damage from live instead of just staying the same.

    I don't need to more to hit I don't miss things as it is. I don't need tactical DC's I don't have the spare feats for tactical feats as it is.

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