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    Default Please Update Epic Midnight Greetings (and other items)

    The newly introduced item enhancements (e.g. Deception V, Holy V) seem to be found only on new named items and new random loot. Is there a chance that exisiting items will be updated with a level-appropriate version of the new item enhancement?

    For the Epic Midnight Greetings in particular, I think that the 'Improved Deception' deserves at least an update on the tool tip.
    Furthermore, I'm wondering what's the benefit of Assassin's Training - it states that Assassins can use it as if being proficient with Kukris. But then, the first Assassin core ability is granting exactly that - Kukri proficiency. Does that mean that this stat is just going to removed with no other benefit?

    Will newly crafted EMGs have different stats? Is there an option to get an updated version of that item already?
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    They should keep the Kukri proficiency on the weapon - there may be classes other than Rogue Assassins that would like to use it.

    As for the other, it's a pretty well known fact that almost all of the old Epics that are much harder to obtain need a revamp... the fact that level 19 random loot can pull better stats is just... Would like them taken as items with lvl 25 stats, but ML 20. As of now, 90% of my Epic items are now in the bank or consigned to never be finished as they're not worth the effort of getting the last piece.

    When will they fix them? Not sure, as I'm sure they're seeing it as not new content... but I hope they bump up the priority, as it becomes a fact that they're cutting off old content. Instead of expanding the game, this shrink it to just the new content. They need to bring old stuff back to relevancy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrawingGuy View Post
    They should keep the Kukri proficiency on the weapon - there may be classes other than Rogue Assassins that would like to use it.
    Midnight's Greetings doesn't grant kukri proficiency to any wielder, only to Assassins (i.e. on live you have to take the Assassin I PrE). With the new enhancements, this will absolutely be redundant, since anyone spending even a single point in the Assassin tree will have kukri proficiency.

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