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    Default Will be running a buncha LOBs on saturday

    So, I'm feebly trying to work an alchemical weapon on an alt and I need the help of G-Land!

    What I need is binding fragments, all kinds and stupid btc spirits.

    That means, possibly several Heroic normal/hard/elite runs.

    I don't care about xp, just completions and mats. Levels 18-25 will be welcome.

    If interested, look for LOB parties hosted by Reddy late Saturday (8/10) morning to early to late afternoon (GMT-6).
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    Save a spot! Need me a Refined Water Spirit to finally finish my wraps...

    Edit: Ehm, walk along, nothing to see here... Didn't check the date on OP.

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    Haven't run this in forever, but *should* freaking dust off some toons and make some stuff.

    I probably need to run stupid heroic too, unless they changed the drops.
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