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The U18 version is this:
+8 Sacred bonus to damage for one minute

The U19 version is this:
Insight bonus to Strength equal to your Charisma modifier for 120 seconds

The U18 version was not based off of Charisma nor gave a bonus to Strength, which is more universally useful than damage. Charisma can now be used to increase tactics DCs, and the change helps in some other less common situations (such as having enough strength to pull certain levers, etc.)
That the U18 version is not based off charisma is not quite right. It needs a base charisma score (build points, level ups and tomes, but no item or enhancement bonus):

Tier 1 (which grants +2 damage): 14 Cha
Tier 2 (which grants +4 damage): 16 Cha
Tier 3 (which grants +6 damage): 18 Cha
Tier 4 (which grants +8 damage): 20 Cha.

Comparing these values with the U19 version shows that the new version makes it harder to get the same bonus as with the old version:

I'll illustrate this with an example, my 18Pal/2Mnk TWF Paladin: He needs a base charisma of 18 to qualify for Divine Might 3, i.e. a bonus of +6. In order to get the same bonus from the U19 feat, he needs 12 more points of Str, i.e. a Charisma of 34, which means that you'd need to get (in comparison to the 18 base with tomes) +16 Charisma from items and enhancements.

The numbers are a bit different for non-monk TWF and THF pallies, but it's still the same trend: You're going to need a grave investment in regards to tomes, items and enhancements to increas your Charisma to a value which is close to a level 5, 10, 15 or 20 (U18) enhancement.

I see the benefit of a bonus which scales and the versatility of a bonus to str, but this is a downsizing of the ability and makes things harder for high-Cha-paladins who fight with dynastic falcatas or Epic Elyd Edges.