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    Default BUG rogue enhancment: Dagger in the back

    The level 3 rogue core assassin enhancement dagger in the back.

    "Dagger in the Back: You may use Dex for damage with daggers and kukris. If you have weapon finesse, this applies to melee weapons with which you can use your dex modifier to hit."

    When I use handwraps the damage modifier is still based off of strength. I have weapon finesse and more dex than strength.

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    read by QA

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    Default Dagger in the Back and Handwraps

    Any news about this issue?

    I'm currently testing on Lamania and "Dagger in the Back" seems to be broken if using handwraps.
    I have the Finesse feature, which works as expected with a Kukri, Dagger, Kama and Short Sword.
    But It seems, handwraps are still not working.

    After euqiping a handwrap I see "Dexterity to Damage" added to the item description.
    But in the inventory details, the damage doesn't change if I change my DEX bonus.
    Instead the damage changes if I change my STR bonus.

    I would like to try a finesse build with 3 Rogue / 17 Monk or maybe 3 Rogue / 2 Druid / 15 Monk build.
    If "Dagger in the Back" doesn't work as expected, then I have no use for the 3rd and maybe also the 2nd Rogue level.

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