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    Default Pajama Party Time II: Monkfell Conspiracy

    Remember when whole raid groups were dressed in dragontouched PJ? Well this time it'll be dragonscale dresses, but the effect will be the same (DDO= dragon drag online?).

    Is anyone not planning on making all (or at least most) of their builds centered? Monk was already so front loaded with 2 feats and evasion. Now you can get master stances, +15PRR, +15% offhand doublestrike, and you can be centered with any weapon you want! Then there's the saves, +1.5w twist, +2 sneak attack dice, 5% healing amp, and probably more I'm missing.

    And that's just a 2 spalsh! Go for 6 and you get more dodge, shadow fade, and some groovy fast movement!

    To be clear this doesn't really bother me, it is what it is, I just think it's funny that DDO will once again be the land of PJs.

    At least now we have better cosmetic store options so we don't have to look quite so doppy.

    P.S. sorry bards and barbarians, no PJ party invite for you! WF caster with monk splashes can come, but they have to wear the blue scale docent with the mini-skirt.
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