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    Default The Shadowfell Conspiracy is now in Open Beta!

    You can now check out the Shadowfell Conspiracy on our public preview server Lamannia! Click here to find out how to access the Lamannia server.
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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    Awesome! Gonna try to fit in some Lama-time between rehearsals for my next show :-D Thanks for the update!
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    Thanks for letting us know...

    I'll be there in a little bit. I had to reinstall and it's taking about 5 times longer (so far) to update than it did to download...

    Any chance you guys could get us an updated install at some point?

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    Default new release notes?

    Will there be new release notes for open beta?
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    Default Why can't it just be simple?

    I foolishly started down the road described and have a full blown mess on my hands now. Not enough directions given. Too many things to do ie potential to screw the pooch. No immediate help available.

    In the name of all that's holy... This should be a one click thing. Start the launcher. It has two buttons PLAY and BETA TEST which either pass you through to the sign in or downloads the requisite new files and passes you on to the sign in. Do you people hit the walk button more than once? Did you need to slam your car door on your fingers more than once or touch a red hot burner on the stove more than once? ONE CLICK I challenge you.

    Rant over. Have a nice day.

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    Can we has release notes?

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    Default Okay WOW!

    So downloading debacle aside, I finally got into Lammania and I must say I Love it!

    If you haven't downloaded the Lammanian client, you should. It is well worth the grief and hopeffuly you are not as inept as I and it goes smoother for you than it did for me, but even if I knew it was going to be all the hassle I dealt with, i would do it again hands down.

    Go! See! It's wonderful.

    Gone further. Seen More. It's wonderfuller!

    (Donner Pass and frozen adventurers - morbid but funny)
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    You folks have outdone yourselves with the art and everything that lives in it. Well Done!
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