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    Default Crystal Cove Training runs?

    I am trying to run Crystal Cove but getting my LFMs to fill is nigh impossible. Sometimes, it is a go. but most times it is a short man group. Usually, I just solo it.

    Yes, I realize most players have ran it to its maximum, but there are actually new players in the game that have never seen Crystal Cove.

    I am a pretty good torcher as I have gotten groups over 400 green shards per run a few times.

    That made me think that maybe the newer players don't understand Crystal Cove and find it daunting to run with a bunch of zergers.

    I offer to run with any level 4, level 7, level 12, level 13, level 14, level 15, level 16, level 17, or level 19.

    You will need voice to hear me scream in panic at times or I can actually talk in a calm fashion if no Drunken Sorceror and four hobgoblins suddenly appear on me.

    You will need a COMPASS that you can get by either slaying monsters in Smuggler's Rest or gather enough map pieces where you can get doubloons to buy a compass. All you need is one compass, because after the first run you can turn in gems for doubloons to buy more compasses.

    It is best to be a DPS to earn compasses in Smuggler's Rest. You can get them on casters but it seems much, much easier to get a compass when I DPS.

    For some reason, I think running at level 7 would be the best. I can make a firewalling warforged wizard and away we go. I have never run at level 7 so I don't actually know. Level 4 could probably be pretty easy also.

    I can provide you with 6 Greater Ocean Winds Gems. I can give you plat to buy a hireling cleric. I can give you plat to buy yourself some gear. Sadly. finding gear for everyone would be difficult today IMHO.

    If anyone is interested, you can send me a NOTIFICATION or post in this thread.

    What I am thinking

    At level 4, DPS sounds best. I would make a dwarf ranger/dwarf fighter/ drow paladin / halfling ranger/monk/rogue with some lesser undead bane hammers and a cleric hireling. if you are a cleric, then hire some sort of fighter type to beat down stuff.

    At level 7, I would make a Warforged Wizard with combustion sceptre and a cleric hireling.

    I just need two other players with hireling clerics. One player stays at the ramp with their hireling and a Greater Wind Elemental, one player runs the line with their cleric and a greater wind elemental, and me running torches.

    We should be able to get at least 200 per run. I won't promise more until after a couple of runs.

    Now, I wonder how this will look after I post it?
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