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    Default Guys how much dc is needed for epic elites- Conjuration and Evocation

    Any estimates on how much dc is needed so that i can hold mobs using web and use evocation spells that has a save check in epic elites?


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    Too much DC.

    Well, conjuration and evocation have higher maximums than other schools due to being boosted by past lives and a draconic incarnation ability.

    I would say 55+. And about to get higher, with levels going up to 28.

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    While I haven't done enough EElites to give a definitive "your DC must be (X)" answer, I can tell you this: it's deffinately "know your foe" territory. Web DCs for low Str casters & archers are much more forgiving than those for high Str melee mobs. As for evo DCs, just about everything has evasion (or at least seems to), and most evo spells are (afaik) reflex saves.

    As for your direct question, the answer is also very content dependent. Pre-MotU EElites are much more forgiving than anything in the Realms or Gianthold.
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    Default varies

    Dc req for ee varies widely by quest/area/mob type.

    In general, 50ish for old quests, 55ish for fr quests, 60ish for gh.

    Even 1st lifers can get an effective dc over 60 against reflex saves with solid fog, even from a clickie for non arcanes. Add that it gives concealment and its a no brainer on ee for any player looking to lessen the likelyhood of a save.
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