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    Default Having the issue with having to log in twice and crashing.

    I started playing Eberron just over a week ago, the first day was fine, spent about 4 hours in Korthos getting to know the game.
    Logged in later that day and still fine.
    The next day it all started to go wrong.
    I'm getting the problem with having to log in twice, the first time takes forever to log in after selecting my character and when I get into the game it's basically frozen with a little icon in top middle of screen that has some info on latency, mbs sent recieved etc. and then I have to ESC. and quit out and log back in and the second time I can play.
    The second problem is my game keeps crashing and not only does it crash but it causes my computer to reboot.
    I've never seen another game do this.
    It seems random as to how long I can play before it crashes although since yesterday I haven't been able to play because the crash seems to come within the first minute or 2 of logging in.
    I'm running Windows XP
    Laptop with intel I7 quad core cpu
    2 gig ram
    1 gig graphics
    I would have thought this is plenty for this game being the game is older, I'm currently playing Neverwinter and have no problems with my laptop handling that game.
    I posted a bug report last friday or saturday reguarding this and got an automated e-mail saying I sent it to the wrong support and it had link to turbine support page which oddly is where I sent the bug report from.
    Can I get some help please?
    I really want to play this game.

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    I have the exact same problem as your first one, and its an old one. There are posts from 2010 to now detailing it, and as of yet there has been no fix. For now, you have to log in, wait 5 minutes, drop out of the game due to connection loss, and then log in again and the game works. So annoying!

    Cant help you with the second issue, though, even though I'd say your Ram is a bit on the low side. Have you tried dialling back all graphics to low?

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    For the first problem: there are a number of ways to tune your system that might help with the initial load time, but my best suggestion is to get the DDO preloader, it has -substantially- sped up initial loading, and in most cases this has eliminated any problems.

    Here is a link to the forum post by its author:

    For the second question, I haven't seen reports of that happen to anyone else, so it is almost certainly something specific to your setup. I suggest you post a DxDiag report to the forum so users here (more knowledgeable than me) can help in more detail. You can read how to do that and how to contact Turbine Technical Support in the sticky message at the beginning of this forum titled something like "How to get help in this forum."

    Also, please describe the nature of the "crash" (since that term can refer to a number of error types) and any error messages you see when it happens.

    The first thing expert users suggest is to check your hardware drivers, especially video and audio, to make sure they're up to date.

    Hope this helps!

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