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    Any point before bravery bonus & guild ships with the OP buffs came into play, back then rangers would actually cast resistances instead of just pewpewing like the annoying little ***** the 99% of them are.

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    In my opinion DDO was at it's peak back when the cap was level 20. There was just so much to do and I had a lot more fun playing the game back than. I have no problem with the current game right now aside from content, there just isn't enough going on like there use to be when level 20 was endgame.

    Current endgame

    - fot
    - citw

    Quests :
    - Gianthold
    - High road
    - demonweb for planar - schin for rings

    Old endgame

    - abbot
    - shroud
    - titan (even if it was only run once every week)
    - Hox
    - Vod
    - adq2
    - chrono
    - von6
    - reavers fate (was alright I guess)
    - tod
    - lob/ma for the one month they were run

    quests / packs

    - fens epics
    - house d epics
    - house p epics
    - von epic
    - sands epics
    - Devils assault

    So when you look at the endgame, which is my favorite stage of the game, it is lacking quite a bit compared to where it use to be. Most of the raids / quest packs are run once or more for exp than never run again, or for loot a few times. (shroud) Most people wouldn't agree but I am one of the few people that likes the seal/shards/scrolls bit, which is why I never got bored. You would run the different quests for all the pieces of the loot, now you can just buy it or farm the 1 quest and ransack it. Old endgame made you actually run other quests in the series. New endgame is boring. IMO this game was never ready for an upgrade to level 25, it was poorly planned.

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    Default DDO's peak day was:

    Pretty much any day I get to log in and play.

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    The high point, for me, was from the introduction of Epic Desert until the deathspell changes in Update 9. On both that time and the later decline:

    The original epic Desert was fairly narrowly focused (at perhaps the top 10-15% of players) but managed something that hasn't really been replicated since - engaging, difficult fights which were more about strategy than overcoming ridiculous monster stats. For all of its flaws (itemization, lack of anywhere for people newer to the endgame to skill up before hitting the massive difficulty jump of eSands), this was an outstanding release.

    The epic VONs were the next memorable thing to be added, and they succeeded in providing more of an entry path into epics, with VON1-2 being accessible to all but the worst of level 20 players (and nerfs to Epic Desert, alongside people just learning it better and building for it opening that up to the top 20-30%). This opening of epics up to more people continued with the Epic Sentinels and Epic Carnival chains (accessible to any PUGs with the exception of one quest in each chain).

    By the time Chronoscope and the Red Fens hit, you could log on to one character for a full day and run only endgame content without repeating anything. There was content for the weaker players (Carnival, Shroud, VOD), for the intermediate (VONs, Fens, old raids on elite, Chronoscope) and the best (Desert, elite TOD, the few legitimately hard heroic elites like Monastery of the Scorpion, Gianthold Tor, A New Invasion, etc)

    The weakness of note in the game was that it just wasn't obvious WHAT was aimed at each group of players. A novice that hit 20 might think 'I always loved Offering of Blood, let's try it on Epic' and have a horrid experience. Likewise a veteran might think 'Gianthold Tor is a low level quest and not at all hard, why bother running the dragons on elite, they'll be just as easy and boring as the quest'.

    Both groups complained, and so we got disparate content aimed at each group that didn't solve the real problems. We got the very poorly handled changes to instakills aimed at the first group which were so broken they made any non-instakill strategies woefully inefficient, and we got the (IMHO) excellent House Cannith content which had no beginner friendly difficulty at all (until after it ceased to be relevant). The powergamers blamed 'casual players' for the instakill debacle (or they took full advantage, got everything they wanted, then quit the game), and the weaker players resented that update 11 ignored them.

    What would have solved this issue (and I suggested it at the time) was nerfing LOB/MA quite hard on normal, and adding a clear difficulty indicator to existing Epics. Instead we got this awesome-in-theory-terrible-in-practice automatic monster stat scaling between EN, EH and EE.
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    for me the time right before motu was one of the most dead in my time playing. I had run all the raids and epics to death and was board out of my mind. there was such a long time between the last update and the time motu came out. Then I have to say that the time when motu first was released was an absolute blast. never had the game had so much content introduced at once. From all the quests and challenges and the whole destiny system.

    to me where they went wrong was not giving Epic Elites more incentives to be run. IF comms or comm fragmnets dropped in epic elites you would see these grouped up and run more often sort of replacing old end game. As is there really isn't a whole lot of reasons to get people to run them. But I definatley like to see more nice end game raids implemented for sure. A whole pack of like 5 level 28 raids with some kind of interlinked crafting system would be pretty sweet. something that would keep people wanting to run them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirgog View Post
    The high point, for me, was from the introduction of Epic Desert until the deathspell changes in Update 9. (excellent post)
    Sirgog pretty much said it all.

    I just wanted to add that I have a feeling the real high point of the game was before I started - sadly I heard bad things about DDO when it launched so I stayed on various other games for a while and never even tried it till it went f2p.. well it took about 2 days before I switched over here full time. I just wish I had been here from the beginning. Nearly every update since has taken us further away from D&D and taken away just a bit of the fun. It's still the best we have but that's the same reason I played EQ for so long.. "oh well it's the best we got" - not a terribly good reason to play a game.

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    Basicly all the non-D&D stuff they've thrown in here are what ruined the game. Turbine is not at good as this as WoTC/TSR and don't think things through and properly play-test.

    Think about this . . . DOTs are the root of all evil. Everything fouled up in DDO can be traced to Turbine adding DOTs.

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