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    Lightbulb new item affixes like Deadly and Accuracy

    Hi,all~ been enjoying the beta and surfing on forum in the recent weeks and I think the upcoming expansion is great(despite the disapointment of no new raids LOL)
    I have some questions about the new affixes introduced in U19,
    Having my main toon as a weapon-based DPS dealer,I am most interested in new affixes that boosts my to-hit(Accuracy), dmg per hit(Deadly), seeker(like old version) and doublestrike (termed Doublestrike X%),attack speed(Speed);
    From what I have seen both on forum and Lamania, am I right to say that all of the above DPS-ralated affixes except attack speed are suffixes?

    If so,that means we can't have more than 1 of these DPS-boosting suffixes(Accruacy,deadly,seeker,doublestrike) on a same loot-gen items, and we have to upgrade at least 4 pieces of gear for higher to-hit,dmg per hit,seeker,DS,unless some named loot come out with 2 of the 4 suffixes on it(which to my knowledge does not exist yet)
    I think we need a new named item with 2 of the 4 DPS-boosting suffixes on it,or at least 1 of the 4 suffixes and a random suffix(which means a little grinding LOL),
    but I definitely dont fancy the idea of grinding all of the 4 suffixes on random loots!
    PLZ make the DPS-boosting suffixes FIXED on LIMITED named loots(the epic elite Dream Visor is a good example)!

    BTW, is it possible that both affixes on a same loot-gen item(ML28) are on the highest value? like accuracy X(maybe +11?) and SPEED X?
    will the ML exceeds 30?(a mastercrafted Accuracy +11 and Deadly +11 item would be awesome!)

    and I apologize if my english is confusing ya~
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