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    Cool Hot Summer Sale!!

    Plz Note: Taking only various currencies, see details below in each Sections.

    Found this quite popular recently:
    e.g. EE Ring of Shadows + 1000 major pots for an otto/bigby box
    (of course the EE part is switchable with other EE)

    TP Section: (TP/boxes only)
    Globe of True Imperial Blood X2
    EE Ring of Shadows
    EE Ring of the Djinn
    EE Backstabber's Gloves

    General Section: (Suggested price in plat listed below)
    EE Intricate Field Optics(+8 Int/+3 Int) 1.5M
    EE Gloves of Forgotten Craft 700K
    EE Skullsmasher 200K
    EE Windlasher 200K
    EE Bulwark of the Storm's Fist 500K
    EE The Turmoil Within 200K
    EE Chill of Winter 200K
    EE Silver Ingot Arcanum 300K
    EE Bronze Ingot Arcanum 100K
    EE Allegiance 100K
    EE Charoush's Inferno 300K
    EE The Mountain's Fist 100K
    200ish black/white flawless dragonscales
    Restored Relics

    Augments: (Actually just to make the list looonger)
    Sapphire of Natural Armor +7
    Sapphire of False Life +30
    Ruby of Combustion 114
    Ruby of Corrosion 90
    Ruby of Glaciation 78
    Ruby of Superior Acid
    Ruby of Superior Frost
    Topaz of Sonic Resistance 30
    Topaz of Acid Resistance 30
    Topaz of Proof Against Disease +10
    Diamond of Strength +6
    Diamond of Wisdom +4

    Plz Post or PM here, since I dont hang in game very often.
    But if u see any toon in my signature online, just ask.

    Have a good Summer!! Or Winter for Aussies!!
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