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Lvl 18 pally, straight S&B was up over 120 in stance, without any special gear (if I recall correctly). I was pushing maybe 80(?) in-stance with the same levels and gear on live going pure DoS. I was trying to re-creats what I had currently with the new trees, and I had to tone down the PRR and HP. It gave me extra points for racial abilities. I also still have some three points left to pump into something else.

I think my HP were low 600s in-stance on live, and were maybe 700-ish on Beta.

Trying to do this from memory, so my numbers are not exact.
What level is that character? 120 PRR is not an "insane" amount by any metric, but I'm end-game focussed in my thinking so it that's level 17 or so it wouldn't be that horrible.