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    I give my thanks to the devs as well. Was fun and am looking forward to see what hits open beta/live (whichever is next)

    Quote Originally Posted by Charononus View Post
    Is the nda officially down then where we can mention things in general if they come up?
    For me I am going to act as if the NDA is still in effect. I checked the Lammy forums (without logging in) on several machines and while the NDA was down there was also no place for me to surf in the Lammy section. I could only get to the subsections by logging in. So I take it the only stuff that can be given out to others is that which can be found on the Lammy fourms when not logging in (i.e. what anyone can find without having had the closed beta access. My long winded response
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    Thanks Devs for a great update and the time you spent being more communicative with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargouille View Post
    Thanks everyone!
    For Varg, +Squeak, +Steel, Kookie and the Devs,

    Thanks for letting us Beta in Shadowfell.

    I was out for most of the events, and what I couldn't attend my Lady did. Vargouille appeared as a Bear, and unleashed the Lord of Bears on my Lady's Paladin Izengar, trying to take all thousand of her hit points. I don't believe he succeeded! :P

    We are liking the new enhancement tree, and look forward to seeing them in Live. We are particularly looking forward to trying out Morninglords on live, despite the inherent obstacles regarding TRing for the iconics. They just look like good fun. We liked all of the Iconics, but Morninglord just appeals to us the most. Tweaks were suggested, bugs were reported, and we overall are looking forward to the update.

    Thanks for the fun and the early preview!


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    Kobold excuses itself to the powder room cause Kobold's face is leaking!

    (Was a blast!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nibel View Post
    I convinced you guys to put the Eveningstar challenge ingredients BtA. That one alone was worth all the dev chats for me. Thanks for taking your time to show up, talk and listen.
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