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    1) ToD
    2) Old EChrono
    3) Old EDQ

    Sadly since u14 nothing has been the same with endgame and endgame really isn't worth playing anymore.

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    1. Pre MotU Lord of Blades.

    The amount of teamwork and coordination that was needed for successful epic completions really made you feel like you've accomplished something. It's a mangled mess now between destinies, AC, PRR and other changes. At the time, the raid portion itself is what I'd call level design perfection. The lengthy pointless walk up and the pre-raid trash walkup (including the lack of a shrine prior to the main fight) were the only things I think were poorly done.

    2. Tear of Dhakaan

    Classic hack and slash if you want to, but optionals with worthy xp as well as extra loot for those willing to do them makes this a winner for fast solo zergs or teams which can split up and accomplish all extra goals while only adding minimal time onto the completion. Multiple paths to "victory" make this non-linear quest popular for me, even 6 years after I first played it.

    3. The Shroud

    This is the first raid that I think really hit the mark. Combining optional puzzles with various phases and potential mob mixes keeps replay value high. Rewarding loot mechanics keep you coming back for more. It is slightly dated now and it more of a straightforward loot run these days, but it was a bit more challenging back in the day and not just because the blades hit really hard.
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    I like most of the other quests listed, so decided to mention 3 I haven't seen yet:

    Haunted Library: Thought this was the toughest quest ever when I first encountered it, and falling through the floor into total chaos and (multiple) death(s) taught me a good lesson: Be prepared. Good mix of undead, traps, puzzle and challenge (the first few times I ran it) - despite the classic, simple theme of it.

    Caverns of Korromar: First impressions are everything and one of my most memorable moments was jumping down and coming face to face with a Beholder for the first time - miss the adrenaline rush! Taught me why I needed a death-block item... Like the layout and the challenge plus the initial mysterious factor.

    Lord of Eyes: The anti-gravity lifts are a blast and the layout is very spread out. Got a few ambushes and an army busting through walls to dethrone Belashyrra. Good times.

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    In no particular order:

    1-Tempest spine, gwylan's stand, redwillows ruins, stormcleave outpost, tear of dakkan. They have the right feel to them, and are always fun to run. I am always a little sad when the quest completes, because it is over and I don't want it to be.

    2-Stealth quests. By that I mean quests that actually have stealthy objectives, like stealthy repossession and claw of vulkoor. The game needs to reward stealth play more. I would like to see a few quests that obliterate zergers but let a stealthy character gain an easy completion. I have high hopes for the changes to AI awareness and the future of stealthy play in DDO.

    3-Storm the castle types. Like storming the beaches, framework, and bastion. You against an entire castle always gives me far more of an epic feeling than any of the actual epic quests. ToD fell short on this imho, but came close. If they had made a raid into the underdark to simply erase the Drow city from existence, I would have been in heaven

    Close fourth:
    "OMG WHERE DO I GO!" quests or "YOU WANT ME TO JUMP WHERE?" quests. Like the pit and the other house D quest that is a near vertical ascent through the sewers (the blood road or something like that). Those quests are always fun
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    Default Necro necro necro ftw

    1- Tomb of the Tormented: I know almost everyone hates it but the maze thing is just different from anything in the game, I love it. Also, watching the rats trying to eat Akhom is very cool

    2- Cursed Crypt: By far is my favorite "Crypt" quest. The layout and objectives are just awesome. The "difficult" in not killing Silver Flame and trying to aggro projections without Silver Flame noticing you. Also, Maldetto is a nice name compared to Salasso and Nerezza. I always try to solo this quest to have all the fun alone (my precious)

    3- Fleshmaker's Laboratory: Mentau is my favorite NPC in the whole game. his story just reminds me of Ravenloft, it's just AWESOME. Also, the quest has the greatest layout from all necro 4 quests in my opinion
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    A suprisingly tough question, when you stop and think about it there are a lot of really good quests in the game,

    for me in terms of quests I always enjoy running or will immediately jump into a group for fun rather than a specific purpose (in no order).

    3 are:

    Tear of dharkaan

    Rainbow in the dark

    The Tide Turns

    But I could easily name another 10 that are up there.

    Most Suprising amount of fun in the past 6 months was running in an at level chronoscope, after the tedium of doing it post-motu epic doing it on a lowbie is really tight and exciting - the exp was juicy too.
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    1. Shroud. Where else can you play Gauntlet, Pacman, Frogger and Galaga in an MMO?

    2. Tempest's spine. It shows the mettle of good and bad characters, and good and bad players. Good for a loot run, and it's where I pulled my first ever +2 tome.

    3. Misery's Peak. I just love watching the bad guy get Iced, and was pleasantly surprised when in passing I shot/threw something at the dragon, and there was an actual damage number above its head. Always found it a satisfying way to end the island... of course, the follow-on in Reaver's Reach adds value for me too.
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    These are the ones I can remember of at the moment (the 1st would be my top any day, the other 2 probably aren't as good as others I'm not remembering atm):

    1) Partycrashers (Carnival Pack)
    By far the most enjoyable quest in the game imo, especially in the first time you complete it. All the different scenarios, the little tricks to beat the puzzles, the multiple dialogue choices you have and the way each one of them can influence the end of the quest's plot. I wish there were more like this.

    2) The Patriarchs' Crypt (Catacombs pack)
    The beginning is a little boring, but the turn of events that starts in the end of that quest (along with the story twist in the chain) makes in really nice to play if you don't expect it to happen.

    3) Misery's Peak (f2p)
    Yes, it's completely boring after running it for the 1000th time, but I think the quest itself is quite nicely designed, and you even get voiced NPC's and a sight at your very first dragon.

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    1) Tear.

    2) Gwylan's.

    3) Impossible Demands.

    I have specific criteria for what earns a quest points.

    - Is not completely linear (not that no quests should be, but the *best* quests are not.)
    - Has variable running styles, so can be run quickly or can be run completely... and both options have value. (think options like Tear.)
    - Includes optional elements that add value, but are not gating to completion (secret doors, traps, Mario skills, puzzles, etc.)
    - Has content and environment variety. Tear, for example, goes from sewer to Hobo city. It is mostly crawl, but there are platform and ambush environments.
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    Default Tops 3 quest

    1- Old STK <-- what got me hooked

    2- HOX <-- elite after update 12

    3-SOS <--can never get tired of Sor'jeks' peril

    Honorable mentions, WW chain, Tear, Delera's,

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    1) Lord of Blades. Even thugh I preferred the epic version before MoTU, I still love this quest. The graphical design of the Lord of Blades is amazing, and it requires (required) some great tactics to complete. This is what an endgame raid should be like.
    2) The Shroud. I love this quest and I'm still planning to do elite BB, but I never get a group together for it :-(
    3) The challenging quests in game elite BB: So far this list for me is
    -Acute delirium
    -Spies in the house, probably still the quest that scares the most out of me in terms of running. And probably still the easiest quest to wipe in a life.
    -In the flesh, semi. It's rough, but not too rough. However my solo run was lots of fun
    -Running with the devils, semi. Again, it's rough, but not 'acute delirium' or 'spies in the house' rough
    -Against the demon queen. The end boss is lots of fun, and IMO harder than the actual raid.
    -A new invasion. Again, the endboss is lots of fun.

    Other honorable mentions 'fun quests', this is due to their design that I love them, but the XP/time is usually what makes me not run em often.
    Blown to bits
    Prison of the planes
    Partycrashers (XP is ok here, but not more than ok)
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    1. Delirium.

    I like the narrative, the drinking and the weirdness.

    2. Vault of Night.

    I like the aspect that it takes some kind of being to coordinate efforts.

    3. Running with the Devils.

    I like the plot twist of being used by the devils to enter the eladrin stronghold.

    Also, all of these quests grant a nice bunch of XP.
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    It's too hard to pick just three quests. I'll do one quest and two chains.

    1) Rainbow in the Dark. Trooping through unlit caverns with just a single flickering light source. This brings PnP D&D to life. Traps, beholders, a puzzle solved via logic, etc.

    My two favorite chains: Sorrowdusk and Catacombs. It's too bad they lack love in the wider community. Both could use tightening up and paring down to reduce the "back and forth" fetch-quest feel but the visuals are great and the story and motivations on both make sense.

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    Von3, Shadowcrypt, toss up between wiz-king and monastery. Not because they're top XP for their levels, but because there's enough variation between runs for them not to get as old as quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eachna_gislin View Post
    It's too hard to pick just three quests. I'll do one quest and two chains.

    1) Rainbow in the Dark. Trooping through unlit caverns with just a single flickering light source. This brings PnP D&D to life. Traps, beholders, a puzzle solved via logic, etc.

    My two favorite chains: Sorrowdusk and Catacombs. It's too bad they lack love in the wider community. Both could use tightening up and paring down to reduce the "back and forth" fetch-quest feel but the visuals are great and the story and motivations on both make sense.
    Rainbow is Fantastic of course!

    Sorrowdusk could actually be easily fixed by the Devs if they simply merged each two part quest into one part instead - Also moving the level range from 6-10 to 7-10 while they're at it wouldn't go amiss.

    Catacombs Pt 1 and 2 could be merged quest wise but would require changes to the Lore of the Questline.
    The Rest of the Chain - I can't see it personally.
    Catacombs is fine as is so far as I'm concerned.

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    1) Undermine: volatile explosives and friendly fire? what could go wrong? There's just something special about playing this with someone who doesn't know the quest, going in sneak mode in the mine area so you don't trigger them, and telling the other guy it's all clear, and watching him get blown sky high.

    I tend to play sneaky characters a lot, and one of my favorites ways to 'test' to see whether my character is sneaky enough is to make him run this solo at level and go through the whole quest using only the bombs to kill things (except of course for the monsters that spawn before you get the bombs and the last boss fight).

    I'm also fond of ye ol last explosive chest trick, where, at the last chest right after you kill the red named kobold, you rush to it before anyone else, and you set a bomb down right where the chest is. The animation makes it look like you're in the process of opening the chest, there's always someone who opens it anyways, and no one pays enough attention once they're looking at their loot to realize i'm still crouched down, 'opening the chest'. Quickly grab my loot, rush out of the quest, and watch the 'ding' go by as all the stragglers who stared at their loot too long find the surprise ^^ (NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS IN PUGS, DO THIS WITH A GROUPS OF FRIENDS YOU KNOW WELL. UNLESS THE OTHER GUYS IN THAT PUG ARE BEING ****S, THEN BY ALL MEANS)

    2) Blown to Bits: after my explanation of the previous one, does this one really come as a surprise?

    3) The Pit: This is one of those quests that's grow on you. I loathed it at first, satan himself created this to drag us lesser beings into the deepest pits of despair and misery, but after a while, once I got understood where to go in general, it magically became amazingly easy to run. Love the quest (though the third furnace jump is a bit of a sore point), fantastic exp for the level.

    Both Delirium quests would be an easy 4th and 5th, just my type of weirdness.
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    1. The pit. It's always fun to be the one guy in a party full of new players who knows the way around in there. "Well you just have to do this, run down here, jump off this ledge, pull this, hold that, avoid this, kill those enemies, pull a lever, run back to the top, jump off again, fly to the top of this room on jets of steam, run along these pipes, pull the lever, jump off, go back to the top, then kill the boss. Got it?" *new player stares dumbfound* "don't give me that look, it will be a piece of cake!".

    2. Inferno. Just like the pit, its cool to be the guy who knows his way around, and once you figure it out its not that hard. One of the new quests in the expansion, through a mirror darkly, reminds me a lot of inferno too, but in that one you can switch worlds at will. It is pretty cool, but also kind of annoying when you are only missing one orb because you forgot to switch worlds in some obscure corner of a hallway.

    3. Crucible. It has a cool maze, some cool story to it, several unique "trials", THE underwater trap, a cool maze, lots of killing, a funny kobold, 3 end chests plus a chest in the maze and 1 underwater, a cool maze, a naked gnoll, has a use for intim and diplo, a type of poison I have never seen anywhere else and didn't even know existed until I did the swim (its like mummy rot in poison form), a reason to have 8 wis, a cool maze. I really like the maze if you couldn't tell.

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