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    Default What are your Top Three Quests in DDO?

    What are your top three quests in DDO?

    List them with reasons they are your top three.

    1) Tear of Dhakaan
    The quest layout is great, with many tunnels to explore. XP is great for the level. A Lot of fun monsters to fight and lots of chests to loot. While playing you feel like you are delving further and further into dungeon. The mood of this quest is just right.

    2) Don’t Drink the Water
    This quest layout is short but still well done. XP is great for the level. Fairly short quest but you get to fight a green dragon which makes it feel epic. This dungeon delving is entertaining with optionals and fantastic textures.

    3) Stormcleave Outpost
    An old time favorite of mine. The layout of Stormcleave is exceptional with many monsters to fight. XP is great for the level. Great quest objectives to do. Again a feeling of purpose in the quest for the player. A good amount of loot as well. The visuals of the Stormcleave Outpost are wonderful to view.

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    Escaping Mizzery in the Tavern Attic.



    Muckbanes rule.

    The Pit.

    Muck's Dooms rule, too.


    Hmm. The Craft Hall isn't really a quest I reckon, even if the grind is similar.
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    1. Purge the Fallen Shrine

    Oh how I wish this had got the Epic treatment {as well as the other Sands Walkups!}.

    2. The Legend of Two Toed Tobias

    Superb Quest Design - This is how Shadow Guard should have been!

    3. Tomb of The Shadow Knight

    Rogues and Clerics Rejoice - This is Paradise!

    Shout outs to:

    Misery's Peak, Information is Key, The Bloody Crypt, Gwylan's Stand, Tomb of the Shadow Guard, Tempest's Spine, Tomb of the Tormented, Chains of Flame, Mired in Kobolds, Prison of the Planes, Rainbow in the Dark, Epic Partycrashers

    Not Single Quests BUT:

    Catacombs & Splinterskull

    Special Mention:

    Restless Isles Explorer Zone - Almost a Quest in it's own right!
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    1. Tempest Spine

    2. The entire Shan-to-Kor Chain

    3. Rainbow in the Dark.

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    Default FoT

    There are many quests I enjoy and some quests I don't like. However my favorite of all time is the Fall of Truth raid. I like FoT, because its allot of fun and promotes teamwork. I get a buzz of an EH that goes gr8 and the team rocks it.

    Edit ~ prefer PUGs for this one to catch the buzz of random peeps coming together to conquer...

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    1. Delirium

    2. All of Necro 3 (minus rats)

    3. Missing chain

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    Default My 3

    1. Gwylan's Stand

    Offers something for all classes

    2. Tempest Spine

    Still feels like the only real raid (to me at least)

    3. Waterworks

    Can't explain why. Just love running it
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    1. Tear, It is probably one of the best designed quests in the game. Finding a underground city as you plunge further into what was the Stormreach sewers.

    2. Prison of the Planes. Every classic D&D monster, imprisoned for you to whack for some of the best loot in the game.

    3. Caught In The Web Raid. Has that Long paper D&D dungeon crawling on another plane to escape a goddess feel to it. Resting in safe spots, maze layout of Demonweb, Lolth's Boobs. Oh and Relic weapons

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    Default top 3

    1. Monastery of The Scorpion.
    It's well thought out and requires some thought and tactics.

    2. VON 5.
    It's Not a short breezy quest

    3. VON 3.
    A challenge and a TON of XP.

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    1. The Pit

    2.Rainbow in the Dark

    3.The Underdark City / Iknow it's not a quest but the Art work rocks

    4. The rest of the quests
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    The House of Rusted blades.
    Impossible Demands.
    The Grotto.

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    Wizard King -
    XP is fantastic, lots of optionals to do, love the layout, love the randomness.

    Demon Queen -
    She's just a fun boss to defeat. I enjoy the pre-quest as well, just wish it was all combined into one.

    The Shroud -
    Love the multiple phases of this one and all the mechanics that go into it. Great fun in a pug especially when you have folks that have never done it before. (Click right in the center of that portal!)
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    1. Enter the Kobold (but really all of the refuge). The end fight is always entertaining on elite and the quest is full of XP. Monastery and SoS are just as good (prey on the hunter is not!), but I enjoy Kobold the most.

    2. Seigebreaker. Fast paced, tons of optionals, good XP, great DM. Overall probably my favorite quest series as well.

    3. Tie between the classics of Gwylan's Stand, Stormcleave Outpost, Tear of Dhakaan, and Redwillow's Ruins. These are the quests that got me hooked on DDO. They had the right feel, challenge, XP, optionals, chests, etc. They all got me thinking about group makeup and making more versatile toons. Sadly, Tear is the only one I run anymore on my TR Zergs.
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    1running with devils -ELITE only. how all quests should be on elite. extreme challenge.

    2battle of evinngstar. Like the hypno'd slaves attacking and the mistresses sacrificing anything at will even their own minions to make them stronger.

    3the shroud. even after 1000 runs I can still tolerate this quest.

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    Keeping in mind that even though I own all the content I have not actually run every quest, I present to you in no order:

    I love all the optionals in this quest, and how they effect the end game. It just fun how the quest plays a little different depending on my characters abilities.

    In the Flesh

    The Sharn Syndicate Chain
    I'm going to cheat and include a whole chain. This is the second pack I ever purchased (the first was Catacombs) and this one I really liked. It has remained one of my favorites. If I had to pick one, I would go with The Stormreaver Fresco for similar reasons to Partycrashers.
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    1. Frame Work - Hilarious optional descriptions, Doris's reaction depending on how you do, and different ways of completing the quest. Can go through and slaughter everything or zerg to the boss and drop him before they know what's coming. Either way you're rewarded (most of the time, sometimes a minotaur grunt will sound the alarm). The entire chain I'm fond of but this is the best.

    2. Ghosts of Perdition - I just like the end fight. FF swapping for HALO is fun, and ya fight a Doomsphere. What's not to love?

    3. Litany of the Dead - The "ambush" snore fest is a bummer but the fight with Kai-Teng is interesting "How about my Paralyzing of Power I! I got a good deal on it." Also, first quest where forgot deathward and got vorpaled "Snick-snack went the vorpal blade, and it removed your head, killing you instantly."
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    Not in any order:

    1)Von5(raid, I know)



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    Not in any specific order (and I cheated a little):

    1. Stormcleave Outpost and Gwylan's Stand. The Classics

    2. Von 3 and Von 5. Too bad the designer of these quests is long gone.

    3.Tempest Spine. And Epic Version of this would be more than epic.

    I enjoy the quests that on the easier setting can be solo'ed if needed but on Elite, it takes a party working together.

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    1) Tear. I must agree that this is the earliest quest in the game that requires a balanced party to get all optionals. I liked it more when the shrines were behind locked doors, but I can live with the levers now. The only downside on this quest for me is a lack of mob variety (only hobgoblins and worgs)

    2) Shroud. Best raid in the game. Every part is individual enough by itself, and the rewards are appropriate to how far you went into the raid. The scenery is a bit bland (too much white marble), but don't tire you out.

    3) Delirium. Drinking Contest. Period.
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