To start with, I'm glad to see others chiming in on the thread. It is straying from the original question but still remaining close enough.

Now, on to Deathdefy's post....

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By "High" I mean 40. Literally exactly 40, which is really hard to do.
Ranger 12/Paladin 4/Rogue 2 (L18) -- Reflex save with paladin CHA modifier to all saves, 32 DEX and Chaosrobe (upgraded) is 41. It wasn't hard at all.

And, since this should be kept within the context of the thread itself, discussing other character classes than ranger is immaterial since that doesn't get anyone the ranger past life.

Now, I'm more interested in this observation:

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CSW (Max + Quicken) and CMW (Max + Quicken) on the same hotbar is adequate self-healing whereas just CMW is not, even if you have +10% HAMP.
I'll just have to apologize up front. I've never found that I needed that much healing on heroic content. This is probably some sort of difference in how we resolve encounters. But, I've never had the need to maximize and quicken in heroic content or to run CSW on the hotbar. I seldom carry CSW on any character. I've always found CMW to be adequate.

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A little extra damage isn't needed in the heroic levels.
I don't consider the difference between 75 damage and 125 damage to be a "little extra damage." It is a lot of extra damage.

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And learn to state your (certainly valid) position without putting down anyone who disagrees with you as a moron. You do that in real life too?
Yes, when the person I'm talking to stubbornly holds onto their views in spite of having them methodically and factually shown to be be wrong. What do you do, cave in to their ignorance?
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Also, something to keep in mind about the 12/4/4 build is that you are comparing those builds at level 20... which the OP will be at for about 5 minutes.

So compare them at levels 11-18... with limited APs... Some builds that are better at the end are not necessarily better while leveling.
In fact, we rolled back the discussion to L18 and the advantage still lies with the 12/4/- build. At L11 both builds would presumably be 1 rogue/10 ranger. Differences there would be transitory and any advantage that DEX might give would be illusory since it would be lost by L18.

Frankly, heroic content is so easy that any approach works. But, in the case of a ranger leveled for the purpose of a past life, STR is still the best option.