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    So I'm done on the Dex vs Str debate I said my peace, my opinion has always been that sub level 18 Str vs Dex is a non issues after that it changes a lot. People can see my math and you're and make up there own minds.

    On the 12/4/4 vs 17/3 I don't think either is the best ranger build would much rather have 15/5, 15/4/1, or 18/1/1. the builds that stop before 15 don't get FOM or CSW (on a human with gear and devotion you can get this over 200 even sub 20) I don't see the point at all in Ranger 17 if your going that far you should go to 18 pick up what ever there calling Tempest 3 these days or just pass on multi classing and go to 20 which seems to have a worth wild capstone (Reports are this my not work how it says it does and I'm not sure till i get time to test. its reported that its double strike double strike not off hand double strike).

    Some people will like your 12/4/4 I don't
    1. I want to dump Char and DM doesn't stack with Insightful items.
    2. I want CSW and FOM.
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