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    I tried it but with my older PC wasnt fast enough to get an acceptable frame rate. I know, I know I need a new PC, but DDO still runs smoothly, mostly (CITW)

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    Played a few of their other games since then and realized that NW is just another PW clone with a different skin on it. Their games are very similar to the point where if you play one, playing another one doesnt have a different enough feel.
    Advocating repeated nerfs in the name of "balancing the game" then complaining about how DDO is moving away from D&D, is a direct contradiction in logic - D&D 3.5 (what DDO is based on) is not a balanced game. We can either have a balanced clone MMO with homogenized classes, or we can have a D&D game. We cant have both.

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    if logging in everyday to do the midsummer festivult and a few dailys in the feywild area counts as playing...then yes, i am not 12 or under and i do play it

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