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    Default I need info


    It smy 5 th day on vip and im lvl 17 with a chaos robe

    it has this enchant an di need brains.eyes,stones, and slimes..i found the brains and the eye..but were do i farm the slimes and the stones ??

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    Have you run the Lord of Stone yet? Think you get them there.
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    If you read a little more from the link you supplied, you may find this:

    Recipes require ingredients from the Reign of Madness Adventure pack added in Update 10. Ingredients can drop from any appropriate enemy and are added to your ingredient bag automatically when you or a member of your party kills them (similar to how collectables were distributed in a party during the special events). These ingredients are Bound to Account.
    If you then follow the link to the Reign of Madness Adventure pack, the individual quest articles contain information like "High drop rate of Polished Stone, low drop rate of Adhesive Slime" for the Lord of Stone quest.

    I'll leave the rest up to you.

    Best of luck!
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