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    Quote Originally Posted by Therigar View Post
    I still remember the first time I was in a group and the mage was the one who led the kill count. I still hate arcanes.
    I remember when Savants first came out. I went into Dhakaan with my HO barb w/Carnifex and a halfling sorc (pro'ly Fire Savant). Most of the time I couldn't even get to the mobs in time, `cuz the lil' jerk kept one-shotting them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tenebris-Niatellim View Post
    How do you do cannith challenges?
    You can read about the Challenges on the wiki here. Basically, they're timed mini-quests you can run to earn ingredients which can be traded for gear. The better you do completing Challenge objectives, the more ingredients you earn per run. F2Pers need Challenge tokens in order to access them.
    Also to people recommending spells why wouldn't you take fox cunning? Does int not boost spell damage? What does int do then?
    INT doesn't boost your dmg directly; instead it boosts your DCs. The harder it is for your spells to be resisted, the more likely they are to do full dmg; or in the case of CC & instakill spells (which tend to be all-or-nothing), take full effect. So maxing out your INT is an important part of building up your wizard. But as stated, Fox's Cunning is temporary and doesn't stack with gear; you also won't gain SPs from temporary buffs, since they wear off when resting.

    Fortunately, as a wizard you can use wands for most stats until you acquire better gear; that way you don't have to waste spell slots on Fox's Cunning, Bear's Endurance, etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by PsychoBlonde View Post
    You do realize that firewall gets +1 damage--not dice, +1 damage--per caster level?
    Okay, Firewall probably wasn't the best example. But other DPS spells scale linearly with CL: Fireball, Acid Blast / Rain, Lightning Bolt, etc. So, pretend I mentioned one of them instead.
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