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    Question Questions about CiTW end fight and leadership

    So I've been running a few CiTW raids lately and would like to start leading a few myself.

    As someone with social anxiety, just the fact that I joined a pug is a feat in and of itself, but no matter. I've been able to solo my way up to lvl 24 so far, although I've yet to complete most raids, as I always fear being the n00b that drags the entire party down into a brawl because I screwed something up, but at the same time I don't want to just sit in the back and not do anything, I want to be a useful member of the group. So in order to fit somewhere in between, clear communication and leadership from the Raid organizer is always needed for me (yeah, I've read the thread about leaders needing to lead). I'd like to lead a few of these and welcome people new to the quest and walk them through it, helping out where others have helped me, and I've learned enough to know 90% of the tactics, but the end fight still confuses me a little, as I've seen it done a few different ways.

    So here's the order I THINK works, you guys let me know what I'm missing.

    1. Camp at the lower tier and fight whatever trash appears. Send Ana and her babysitter halfway up the ramp then come back, kill trash.

    2. Send someone with Evasion up to pull the mobs down from the right side of the 2nd tier. Fight, kill, maim, etc.

    3. After trash is dead, shrine and as a group head up to 2nd tier, hide behind the rock, kill mobs. Leave the Necromancer alone completely.

    4. Somewhere in here the babysitter tells Ana to do her thing with the orb. Should it be before, during, or after mobs?

    5. When trash is cleared, send dps any anyone else to beat Lolth into submission.

    6. Once she's "down", every heads up to third tier and beats the trash up there. Once clear, leave Ana and her babysitter at the gate and have everyone head down to clear up what's left, including the Necromancer and anything else that's arrived, portal opens, Ana heads through.

    So what do I have wrong? There have been times when the mobs seem to keep spawning (even with the Necro hanging out quietly in the corner), others where they don't seem to spawn much at all, not sure what happened. Are there spawns that key off Ana destroying the orb, and if so, what's the best timing on it?

    What methods have you seen work better than others, and what can be done to lead a rockin' raid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Rev09 View Post
    1. Party stay at the lower tier and fight whatever trash appears. Disable whatever traps appear. Send Ana and her babysitter halfway up the ramp then come back, park Ana halfway down the ramp behind party, kill spawns.

    2. Send someone up to pull the mobs/keepers down all mobs from the right side of the 2nd tier, and a small amount from left side (don't go far enough to pull Necromancer, but you need to pull the immediate left mobs or they will aggro you during Lolth fight). Kill non-keeper mobs first, kill keepers last.

    3. After right side and immediate left clear, shrine and as a group head up to 2nd tier, absolutely do not go left yet.

    4. Hide behind the rock until Lolth becomes active, should be little trash left worth worrying about. Melee goes after Lolth, ranged hit Lolth and spawning trash.

    5. When Lolth is defeated, use Ana on Orb (you could do it during Lolth fight, but unnecessary, it can wait fine).

    6. Go left and clear all mobs, but Necromancer.

    7. Go up to 3rd tier and clear all mobs but keeper (usually priestess). Ana should be parked by entrance now.

    8. Once mobs clear, prep necromancer and 3rd tier keeper.

    9. Kill remaining 2 keeper if no other trash.

    10. Pull Ana through portal opening.

    11. Victory!

    12 . Remember not to start the end sequence until people finish switching toons and re-enter.

    I will say though, if you happen to pull a PK Glazebru (sic), sometimes it's just easier to drop them fast and deal with a few spawned PKs on tier 1 than deal with the anti-gravity and spells from them.

    There's really only two types of PKs you don't really want to spawn on accident on tier 1. Priestesses and Bebiliths as they both are quite annoying to leave roaming around while you beat down other trash.

    ETA: Always remind people to remember there curse pots, and to clear their curses if they forget.
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    While you have the movement correct, you're not focusing on the main mechanic of the end of the raid that cause all the issues: Portal Keepers.

    When any mob that is a portal keeper dies it will:
    ->look for other nearby mobs and make them portal keepers and possibly spawn more mobs
    ->if no nearby mobs the portal keeper delays 5s or so and then spawns more trash mobs and may spawn a portal keeper or two in a random location. If dying and no other portal keepers are around the Lloth "SUMMON MORE PORTAL KEEPERS" script goes off and a number (2-3) portal keepers and accompanying trash mobs are spawned across the various locations.

    So the big mechanic that gets people yelled at is killing a portal keeper when you shouldn't, especially if there are other mobs around.

    Even if you kill a portal keeper when there's nothing around (and they include looking at spider or elf spirits), it will sometimes respawn another portal keeper and trash which is even why a perfect party may have to keep running up to the right to bring down and kill the trash and then the portal keeper. Though really good groups will do this two or three times and if the portal keepers keep re-appearing next to Lloth, you just find someone to kite said keeper during the fight. Because PK's have a red icon with name on the map you can often see where they are and which type it is (if the fog of war is cleared from your map from previous runs).

    There's probably much more in depth analysis of how best to deal with PK's somewhere on this forum. They are present from stage 1 to 9 of your outline.
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