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    Default Starting a new Static Group

    Good afternoon to everyone!

    [Edit] Important thing i forgot to write, i'm on server Cannith but if we find many people from another server i will move without any problem.

    I've been a DDO player for several months when the game became free (so it was few years ago), then i quitted because i felt it was too hardcore for me and i didn't have enough time to play it properly.
    In the last week i've been thinking about returning to DDO. I still haven't the time to play this in hardcore way, but perhaps with this particular game i may try not to work on how much time i can put in it, but on my approach to the contents.
    Having this very inspiring atmosphere, istanced dungeon ecc i came up with the idea to gather a regular and balanced party to complete the quests without the pressure of farming and maximizing.
    I've found out this section of the forum and i've been reading threads for a while, but no group seems good for me: too many rules in aspects where i believe there shouldn't be any and other aspects where there are no restrictions at all.

    I'm going to put down how i want to set up this thing:

    Each class and race is allowed here. You can use the 28 and the 32 point build if you have that. Multiclassed is allowed and there's no restrictions about how many level do you pick up for each of your classes. You can multiclass with any other class exept for few combinations that are immersion-breaking and probably against the common sense of D&D, for example Paladin/Wizard that cast arcane defensive spells, Rogue with double axes or things like that, we will discuss them in the future before starting our adventure.

    We are going to do every single quest only one time if we succeed, and a second time if we fail the first try(not in the same day). If we fail even the second time, we are not going to do that quest ever again. Connection problems, server crash ecc make an exception to this rule.
    Member of this group are not allowed to do any quest the party hasn't already completed (i will make a particular exception for this), and you can repeat the completed ones by yourself but not in our playtime. However, don't farm them or do every single istance many times; it's ok if you really need an item and want to get it, just warn me and do that by yourself, but this must be done rarely. About the difficulty level, we are going to discuss it because unfortunately we can't chose freely the difficulty level of istances. No player is allowed to leave and enter the istance again while it is in progress.

    No restriction for items, you can buy whatever you want from the auction house and from the other vendors. You can even pass items and money from another charachter, but this can be done only once and you have to be a reincarnated or make a story about how you charachter got this stuff.
    Consumables (potions, wands ecc) will be limited to a certain amount (we will discuss this too) to avoid spamming and increasing the difficulty.

    There will be a light role play in the party, you always have to be in character when you talk with the party or with other people when you're with us. If you have to say something OOC, use the tell chat. A biography is required to enhance the experience. You are not supposed to write a novel, just something about you and the reason you're heading to stormreach (which is the main goal of all DDO characters, in the beginning), you can even set a real quest as your own goal and i will grant you a prize when we (or you only) will accomplish it. The language must not be too hard to understand, we are probably going to be from different nations and writing sentences that are very complex could make several problems. We are not using the vocal chat except if you have to say something in combat, and even that should be used only in emergency occasion and with some in-character tone.

    This group is open to everyone who agrees with this rules, actually no real barrier. We are going to play in a really slow and relaxed way (this doesn't mean we want easy things), discussing and thinking about what we'll have to do to complete the various quests. You're wellcome even if you are a reincarnated or you've played DDO in the past (like me) but you are not allowed to do spoilers or deduct things beyond the knowledge of your character. Some kind of "divination" is allowed if you are reincarnated or you link your character to another one you own in your biography. If you remember something about the quest we are doing cause you've already played it, you can use (with limitations we will discuss) a "Divination Check" by rolling a dice and if you score a certain amount you can stop the party and tell us about some flash or vision of what we are going to see next and other things. This has to be done if you really think it's necessary or the party members haven't found the solution after a lot of minutes, and it also should be somehow a "blurred" description.

    I'm from Italy (GMT+2) and i'd like to play 2 or 3 times a week, we will discuss the days and the hours. Feel free to post here for further information, suggestions and applies. We will discuss our classes and roles, maybe putting down a build togheter.
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    Aren't you really interested in partying with me?

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    Hi Demost,

    I have found your threat and I am quite interested in something like that. I am from Bulgaria so we are pretty much in the same time zone. Let me know if yo are still interested. Before I had to stop laying I formed a guild on Khyber with this idea in mind. If you haveb't found anyone we can start there.

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