Is it just me, or are there others disappointed by the pre-order bonuses? In particular the Stormhorn Spectacles & Mountaineering Goggles of which you only get 1 each per account. Now granted the DDO cosmetic system is absolute rubbish - probably one of the worst I've ever seen and a massive letdown compared to the fantastic cosmetic options available in Turbine's other product LOTRO - but even so you would think that paying to pre-order the expansion would give you the ability to use the cosmetic specs on more than one character at a time. With the last expansion we got the spider cult mask on every character, both existing and all new ones created thereafter, so you could happily apply it to all of your chars should you be that way inclined. However with this expansion, one which costs the same but appears to have less content, you only get one set of each specs/goggles which you have to pass around if (like me) you are the type who plays many characters depending on who you are grouped with.

I know that some people don't want this as they do not want to be dealing with the extra storage of the cosmetic items (something in which LOTRO again shows its superior system by providing separate cosmetic storage) but it is far better to give the specs to every character so that those of us who want multiples can keep them and the other folk can simply delete them.

Feeling very let down by this Turbine and hoping that somebody somewhere will see the evil ... I mean error ... of their ways and get this altered so that everyone who pre-ordered sees a set of these specs/goggles appearing in all of their character's backpacks.