For the past 2 weeks I have been farming the underdark arena (dragon and drider one) and something is really starting to tic me off in here. The 2 boxes of challenege goodies that you use tokens to open half the time appear to release the 3 orbs into the floor or in the same space the box occupies, meaning the player can not get to them.

Go into both arenas over and over opening these, you will see half the time you lose your token (and get hit by those stupid spellwards!) only to get nothing!

For a while I stopped using the boxes due to this bug, but sometimes I just need the extra dps to win. It really sucks when they do this, you lose a token, and you miss out on 5 starring the challenge. Please fix this bug.

P.S. On a side note lets be honest that these ingredient turn ins for random loot weapons are WAY to high. You guys should seriously consider cutting the required ingredients for the weapons/armor/shields in half, but I guess you can keep the named cloaks the same. All that work for a random item (which 9/10 you dont want) is just silly.Please fix this bug and the turn in values.