Note that this is NOT a "solution" as it does not fix the underlying problem of "bad code" on the website. It does, however, seem to prevent the short, and auto log-out issues I've experienced. So if you are using Internet Explorer (IE) and are being logged out automatically whenever you open a new tab or navigate to a new screen within the DDO website, you can try this:

1) Go to "Tools"
2) Select "Internet Options"
3) Go to the "Advanced" tab
4) Under "Browsing", see if the "Automatically recover from page layout errors with Compatibility View" is checked. If it is UNCHECK it.


Background: Ever since the new web page launched, I have had many issues with being automatically logged-out (as many others have); sometimes, I would need to log-in 4 or 5 times before i would "stay" logged in. Whenever I opened a new tab, it seemed to nearly always automatically log me out. If I didn't open a new tab, but just navigated to new pages, I seemed to stay logged in longer, but I would still be automatically logged-out at seemingly random times. For months, I just lived with it, being incredibly frustrated whenever it happened.

Flash-forward to yesterday: As anyone running IE will tell you, Microsoft does an incredibly lousy job of being consistant with how it handles (what is supposed to be a "standard") HTML - hence their "compatibility view". BUT, if you run in compatibility view, you know that the web page looks WORSE. I got tired of IE always "encountering a problem" then bouncing me to compatibility view, just so I could go and turn it off again. Finally, I thought "There has to be a way of disabling that." and low-and-behold: there is. So I truned it off. I then realized that I was not being logged out at random intervals AND I could open additional tabs and STILL be logged in.

So - apparently what was happening, was every time a page would "refresh" under compatibility view, something would get 'reset' (occasionally - does not happen every single time) and I would be logged out. And of course when you log back in, you are NOT automatically redirected back to the page you were viewing, so you'd have to manually navigate back.

Which is STILL the case and is STILL VERY ANNOYING.

So while the underlying problems of the web site still exist - and let's face it: history has shown that the web site is not a priority, so they will probably continue to exist for a long, long time (how many months has it been since the new web page launched?), this might just "band-aid"some log-out issues for IE users.

This post was brought to you today by the the Letter "K" and the number "9".