Many of you read Feather of Sun's announcement that I was pulled in to help with the named loot for U19. In his post he promised you 10 new named items from me. I put forth some proposals and made what I could and the end result is not 10 new items.

It is 12 new items. Each quest will be getting one more named item added to its possible loot and Through a Mirror Darkly and What Goes Up will each get one more on top of that.

So what are these new items, I'm sure you're asking right now. I have an answer!

In Wheloon:
The Shade's Hood - a Helmet
Shadowsight - Goggles
Glorious Dawn - a Ring
Trapsmith's Crossbow - a Heavy Repeating Crossbow
The Morning Star - a returning Shuriken (not to be confused with a morningstar)
First Blood - a Bastard Sword

In the Storm Horns:
Frostbite Blade - a Scimitar
Thunder and Lightning - Handwraps
Elemental Fury - a Short Sword
Giant's Fist - a Maul (and a really painful one at that)
Nether Orb - an Orb/Shield
Consuming Darkness - another Ring