so here is my opinion:

1) the new xp change,
saga change,
stealth change
enhancement change

they are fine

2) named item with random permutation sadden me
all named item of u19 with random permutation makes me want to commit seppuku ! (joking, but still sad)

take for example the greensteel: you could pick exactly the slot you wanted to use, the weapon type, and adds the effect that most suit you... i declare them the best ddo item in all ddo history.

do you want "malleable" or should i say "fusible" items ?
a system like droam update when you can combine items, split item, and modify them is fine (no random effects)
a system like madness where you can attach onto a named item an effect of your choice is fine too (no random effects)

a system like cannith challenges item, when you can add up to 2 effects of your choice using "cannith crafting" at low levels where augment slot are mostly worthless, and 2 effects using augments at level 20 where augments slots are fine... except the skill augment fiasco. A system like cannith challenge items is fine (no random effects)


3) consider making +15 competence skill a ml20 augment, +5 enhancement skill a 24 augment, +20 competence skill a 28 augment.


general ideas not relate to u19:

make crafted arrows and bolts and favor arrows and bolts at least 75% returning.

make the spell flame arrow/bolt conjure a 100% returning 1d6 flaming arrow

make old epic items no longer require scroll seal shard combo... or just requiring a generic scroll seal shard for upgrade
like the seal of the stormreaver, and the seal of the abbot who can upgrade a base item, in the new upgraded form.

make the spell power augment colorless

make those greenbag ingredients that escaped the "weight pass" weightless, cause some of them (for example syberis dragonshard) still have weight and can make 1 green bag cumbersome.

well that's just my opinion :P