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    Default Enhancement pass planned build

    knowing what I do know from what is on the wiki I have been planning a build to +20 into come release time. so please take into account that I don't actually plan to level through this build, and that some info may be wrong or out of date. that said I would like to know if there are any glaring flaws or problems.

    current ddo meta at end game: self sufficient toons with high saves and evasion with decent forms of AC, PRR, dodge, etc. coulpled with a very good melee damage output and fantastic ranged burst. knowing this I came up with the current build

    Level 20
    12 monk
    6 ranger
    2 fighter

    12 monk gives me increased survivability in the form of ac bonuses, dodge, saves, evasion. comes with 3 feats, and will allow me to bypass all forms of metal DR with the new shintao progression. this is the class I will be taking tier 5 enhancements in.

    6 ranger gives me lots of free feats with bow str, manyshot, precision, twf, itwf, (meaning I only have to spend a feat on greater twf) and tempest gives me lots of twf synergies with monk giving me me more ac, prr, shield bonus, to hit and damage, and haste boost.

    2 fighter gives me 2 feats and a few +to hit and damage enhancements.

    planned destinies include legendary dreadnought for soloing and fury of the wild for groups, twisting in rejuv C out of primal.

    feats in no order will include
    -stunning fist, improved crit bludgeon, improved crit pierce, GTWF, mental toughness x3 (don't make fun of me, I have extra feats and 1000 sp is a lot of rejuv C.) vorpal fists, martial strikes, toughness, empower healing, zen archery, 10k stars, dodge (pre req and I like it) and 2 free.

    I was unable to get overwhelming crit but im really not worried about it, its a lot of feats that I probably wont make good use on in this class.

    end game stats around
    str: 30ish
    dex: 30ish
    con: 30ish
    int: 11ish
    wis: 40ish
    cha: 11ish

    no complete break down as I didn't calculate enhancements yet, nor did I include, ship, Yugo, other hard to get situational buff.

    first build post, and its a rough outline, please be gentle but let me know if this should work okay, I know its not optimal and there are probably much better builds out there but I like it ^_^

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    changed some feats around to make it less of a perma archer and more of a unarmed melee with a manyshot burst.

    feats in no order:
    -power attack, cleave, great cleave, overwhelming crit, improved crit bludgeon, improved crit pierce, stunning fist, GTWF, mental tough x2, improved martial arts, epic haste feat (if it comes out during update) empower healing, dodge, zen archery.

    legendary dreadnought

    rejuvenation cocoon, sense weakness, a dance of flowers.

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