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    Default My general impressions of the new Enhancement system and its repercussions.

    So. Overall I like the new system. There are a few things that I don't like though. Wasn't one of the things that was supposed to be going away the gating that was so prevalent in the old system? Sure, there's no need to take Rogue Damage Boost to become an Assassin now, no need to take Spring Attack to become a Tempest; but now in order to take Rogue Haste Boost, my Assassin needs to spend 5 points in Thief-Acrobat?

    I can only speak about the races that I play. Lately that's been Half-Elf and Half-Orc. Both racial trees bother me in some way. Half-Elf, dilettante seems to have been severely gutted. Barbarian Dilettante really doesn't feel worth it anymore. Used to be I could spend 5 AP and get +1 Con and +20 HP. Now I would have to spend 8 AP to get +1 Con and +15 HP. And thanks to all the gating and the requirement to spend 15 points in the tree, I can't even get the last 5 HP on my main. I saw that someone did a full breakdown of HP and quite a few people are saying things are better now, but I can't figure out how. I was getting +73 HP from the Toughness Feat, Racial Toughness, and Half-Elf Barbarian Toughness. That took one Feat and 9 AP. And then now; I get the new Improved Heroic Durability for a whopping +15 HP due to my class split (ok, I get the bonus 5 to regular Heroic Durability too) and I can, if I sacrifice some actual fun things, get +15 from Improved Dilettante. Now, that's not even close to as many HP, so Toughness is still a mighty attractive feat. I take it and it puts me at +58 HP total. In order to get to that +58 HP, I still had to use one feat (wasn't the intention to make Toughness NOT mandatory) and I had to spend 8 AP (not to mention the hidden cost of requiring 15 AP spent in the racial tree which takes away from my class trees). And then I also end up losing +10 HP from Way of the Patient Tortoise since that's locked behind Henshin Mystic. So I was getting +83 HP at the cost of 1 feat and 12 AP. Now I'm only getting +58 HP (I could up it to +68 if I really wanted to sacrifice even MORE useful stuff to pick up Tortoise again by dipping into the next to useless Henshin Mystic PRE. Of course it's not useless for non Thief-Acrobats, but there's too much overlap to make it an attractive tree.) and I am being forced to spend 17 AP in my racial tree and that's giving up good stuff (most likely DPS in the form of Dex boosts). If I don't give up anything then I'm only getting +53 HP. Which is the difference that I'm sitting at right now. I'd rather like to get those 30 HP back somehow. This isn't even taking into account that this is all a level 20 comparison. I could have all the HP enhancements by level 10 in the old system. With the new Improved Heroic Durability and the gating of the racial HP enhancements from Dilettante; well, it's ugly now.

    And then the Half-Orcs; I know this has been mentioned by multiple other people, but didn't you guys realize yet that most people do not want an ability that is reliant on being almost dead? It's just not good to encourage people to play that way. I don't want to be suicidal. I don't want to get yelled at for healing an almost dead Horc because he wanted the strength boost. (I also would like to see Horcs and WFs become more than a one-trick pony in their racial enhancements. Why is it all about Two-Handed Fighting always? I had hoped that would change with the new system and the trees. I want to branch out into different fighting styles! My TWF Horc needs loving.)

    Overall I think the point costs still need to be reevaluated and some of the core abilities need to be looked at and made more useful (especially when you're requiring them to be taken to gain access to what should be core class enhancements; Sneak Attack Training only being available if you've spent points in Assassin is a real slap in the face to other Rogues). I also don't like the inconsistency between the PREs and EDs as it stands right now. PREs feel like they should have been made like EDs with the core abilities granted automatically somehow. I feel like having the Core abilities unlock for free depending on how many points are spent in the tree would work much nicer and would lead to far less "Well, I *need* to take this useless ability because I want to improve something about my character". There's far too much locking away of what should be generalist enhancements.

    edit because I forgot: Can we get some sort of alternate power attack? A lot of the PREs are now making Dex-based damage a thing. To still require a 13 Strength for them is silly.

    tl, dr: I really want to like the new system; it gives my Thief-Acrobat some nice new attacks but it also takes away a bit of survivability, especially at low levels. There's still to many remnants of the old system. You changed the locks on the house and put them on backwards after telling us you were removing the locks completely.
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