1. Allow adamantine ore to be placed in crafting storage.
2. Please consider increasing collectible stacking higher than 100.
3. Allow Crystal Discs from Inspired Quarter to stack.
4. Option to order alphabetically.
5. Search is nice. Filtering by region or quest chain would be even nicer.
For example, be able to select all crafting ingredients from vale/shroud/altars or all gianthold relics/dragonscales or all Eveningstar Challenge mats.
This would not have to be exhaustive, but it would be nice to keep track of more commonly used stuff like greensteel crafting mats without having to search multiple times for "stone" "bone" "chain" etc.
6. Absolute Pie: any system that tracks and matches seal/shard/scroll from old epics for me. Right now I have this spread over 5 large green bags. Some of it I may even use one day.

I really like being able to just drag bags from different characters and have everything dumped into one place.
Please increase convenience and functionality. I'd spend TP on this stuff.