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    Default Passive Past Lives: Wand and Scroll Mastery

    To address the partition on the Wand and Scroll Mastery enhancements, how about removing that totally useless passive wizard past life effect that adds to wand DC then replace it with 5/10/15% (or 10/20/30) effectiveness to damage and healing from wands and scrolls. The passive feat would then be: +2/4/6 spell penetration, and +5/10/15% wand and scroll effectiveness.
    This would make wizards more adept with wands and scrolls, as suggested by the partition, but also allow access to some benefit by some characters that wish to fit wands and scrolls into their play-style at the cost of extra work.
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    +6 Spell pen and +15% W&S Mastery would make this PL a must for every single character in game, not just arcanes.

    They should add this benefit to bard's PL maybe but I still think that they best solution is to just put it in every class tree.
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