The Avenging Horde guild on the Khyber server, offers an old-school total immersion roleplay experience with strict adherence to in-character existence.

This is the back-story on the group as told but its founder.

I am Tealcie Annibles and this is my story.
My father Theonli spoke very little about his past. I know my grandfather’s name, Thalior, was always spoken in hushed tones and rarely mentioned. Apparently he was a powerful sorcerer, some say the most powerful in all of Elanthia, but I know nothing more than that. The story of how my father came to be in Cormyr is as simple as a boy running away to join the circus. He quickly discovered his talent with the lute and entertained for years until his world was ripped apart by Lloth. Captured and trafficked through the Demon Web, he escaped the slaver’s death march and avoided capture for a week trying to find safety. Nearly recaptured by a Drow patrol, he ran through a portal and ended up in a cavern near Suzail, the capital of Cormyr.

Lost and wandering, it didn’t take long to discover he was in enemy held territory and that safety was within the walls of the city. A skirmish soon erupted and Theonli saw his opportunity. He risked life and limb, charging up the siege ladder with a hundred crazed Drow, then leaping over the fight and stripping off his tunic to expose his non-Drow skin.
Eventually, the Drow siege withered and Theonli was able to sneak out of the city from time to time and explore the countryside. It was on one of these trips far afield that he happened upon a travelling minstrel show and hired on. The troupe worked for food and tips and travelled from camp to camp plying their trade and sharing a little mirth with the beleaguered Purple Knight regiments.

One soft spring evening while haggling over an apple at a fruit stand in the Crossroads of Arabel, Theonli spotted the fairest Elven maiden he had ever seen. Her name was Czarlina and she would soon become my mother.
It was big city huckster meets simple farm girl, but not in a bad way, and romance soon bloomed. Czarlina had never seen a city the likes of Suzail and was “less than impressed” to hear her tell of her first trip there. She much preferred the country, even revealing her mind once and saying “The city is no place to raise children.”

Theonli clearly had a decision to make and one summer afternoon while they enjoyed a picnic lunch in the shade of Beckside Castle, Theonli asked Czarlina if she would wish for him to ask her father for her hand. Czarlina beamed and agreed that he should if a country life with a wife and children was what he truly desired.

Czarlina’s mother, Culinaire, and father, Hammersmith, were skeptical but accepting of the betrothal and spared no expense in decorating the Eveningstar Townsquare for the festivities. Long runners of Lily petals were strung and garlands of fragrant dragons-breath orchids hung and everyone who was anyone attended.

As is the custom, Theonli took the clan’s name as his own to signify his allegiance and thus Theonli and Czarlina Annibles became a family. Culinaire and Hammersmith had secretly hired the finest craftsmen in the lands to refurbish a long-ignored sharecropper’s cottage near the family home and at Culinaire’s urging, a great room, guest room, sewing room and nursery were added. The once humble shack had been transformed into a modest home for Theonli and Czarlina, and was ready for the grandchildren Culinaire and Hammersmith expected to follow. And follow we did. Six of us, all girls, came like the seasons. And, much like the seasons, we are all different in many ways.

Sparqs, the oldest, came after a cold winter night’s snuggling by the fire. Our grandmother Culinaire was a huge influence in her life and Sparqs learned to bake and cook and signed on with the Purple Knights to feed the troops.
Dycin came next and was the tomboy. She had managed to break all four limbs before she turned ten years old and was always climbing something, and falling off, or fighting the boys. She had a strong aversion to authority so instead of joining the Purple Knights she took up arms in the militia.
Lovesongz is a gentle soul who was glued to our father Theonli like a feathers on an owlbear and was soon writing and playing music to rival his. She could often be found sitting by the river composing or in Townsquare performing for anyone who passed by.
Stichin was the one who seemed to always arrive at Dycin’s disasters and patch her up or carry her home. Healing was second nature to her though no one in the family had ventured into medicine before.
I was the loner. I loved solitary hunts and put the meat in the cellar. I also tried to keep Lixom out of trouble but that was like herding tressym's most of the time.
Lixom is the prankster and excelled at getting into trouble for stealing. After a close brush with the law, she applied for a locksmith apprenticeship and began to become respectable.

The Drow picked a particularly cold winter afternoon to attack Eveningstar knowing surface folk would be slowed and the Drow were accustomed to cooler temperatures in the Underdark. Lixom and I were walking home from town when we came upon the terrible sight of our father on his knees begging and our mother being savagely murdered and her soulstone shattered to pieces. Unarmed and young, we were helpless to stop the Drow from beating and hanging our father before our eyes. As our home burned behind us and Eveningstar fell under siege, we fled for our lives towards Suzail, the capital of Cormyr. Alas, Drow slavers ambushed us before we reached the crossroads of Arabel.

I had no idea where our other sisters were or even if they survived. Our captors were clearly depraved and immediately set upon me like hounds on a fox. I could not fight them off, but at least they were so busy on me they left Lixom be. Eventually they decided it was her turn but they were tired and we were able to fight them off.
The next morning, the chief slaver sold us to a fat dwarf who chained and beat me, scarring my face. He stole my beauty but strengthened my soul. He was taking us to the slave auction when the dreaded white dragon attacked our doomed ship. I managed to knock the evil dwarf unconscious and wrest the shackle keys from his belt as the water swirled around our legs. Lixom and I barely made it out alive and washed ashore on Korthos Island.

It took a few years before I returned to Eveningstar and located our beloved Housekeeper Moondanz. Together we returned to the homestead and gathered as many pieces of my parent’s soulstones as we could find, then buried their bones side by side under the tree father had planted for mother and been hung from. I felt it was fitting that despite the terrible crime the tree symbolized, it also stood as a reminder of their enduring love for one another and their unity, forever.

I had heard rumors of the miracles worked in House Cannith and so it was there that I carried my precious parent’s stone fragments. I sought and was granted an audience with the Lord of Blades who, though having no love of Elves or any air breathers for that matter, agreed to attempt to reconstruct the stones and extract any essence of my parents that survived. Alas, he was unsuccessful in extracting enough of their essence to restore their elven forms, but scavenged enough to place into Bladeforged entities where they could reside and then offered them the chance at eternal life, fighting for his cause as paladins. They accepted and though we will never feel their warm embrace again, we have them in our lives.

Now, the search continues for the scattered sisters who I believe are still alive and will someday be reunited.
As I live and breathe, I swear the evil men who hurt my family will surely regret they allowed me to live and grow up.

I vow to gather an army and wage war against slavers, abusers and evil-doers, find my missing sisters and free Cormyr.

I am Tealcie. I am The Shadow That Kills.