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    Cool Brown Coats - Small 24th level guild looking for players by time zone

    Server: Argonessen
    Guild Name: Brown Coats (yes, that's a firefly reference.)
    Contacts: Toviel, Rahasi, Eirwin.

    We are a small guild and intend to stay that way. We have been playing DDO for over 7 years so we know the ins and outs. We have characters in most classes ranging from 7th to 25th. While we want to add a few members we do not want a 200 player guild either. Our goal is to have 10-20 members who all play around the same time. No politics, no rules, and no dues. We have 3 members who play regularly. These are the times we play most frequently:

    Weekdays: 3pm-9pm PST
    Weekends: off and on through the day (up at 6:00am)

    Whether you are a morning person on the west cost, or you are a serious night Owl in Germany, either will work.

    We have a guild ship, though its not decked out currently (we are learning not to rely on guild buffs too much)
    We have a high level crafter (104, 74, 92) who will happily make whatever you need.
    Most of all we have people who don't take themselves too seriously and just enjoy playing DDO.

    If it sounds like a good fit send us an email or an IM.
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