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    Talking Mystery Basket Companions.

    So, I've created a hobby within my hobby of DDO....My toons on Ghallanda obsessively collect creature companions. Yes, they are useless, and a waste of money, but heck, they are mostly cute, and occasionally entertaining.

    So, I have reached my limit of TP spends, and a couple of Mystery basket buddies are still eluding me. Namely, I am looking for a Grey Tabby Tressym and the pseudo dragon.

    And what do I have for the kind soul who sates my obsessive-compulsive pet fetish? Well, I have certificates for some of the other Tressyms, plat, gear that I am willing to trade, or a combination of the above.

    so, if you have a grey tabby tressym certificate, or indeed a pseudo dragon you are willing to trade or sell, please reply here, or mail me in-game (my mains on Ghallanda are Evangeleine and Reynette.....Mostly Evangeleine lately)

    Thank you kindly for sparing time to read this

    Edit: Just acquired a Gray Tabby Tressym! So now to hunt for that pesky dragon....
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