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    Default The DDO Chronicle: Issue 55 is now available!

    Don't forget to reply with your answer to the Chronicle Comment below for a chance to win Turbine Points! The winner will be selected after Noon Eastern on Friday, August 9th. Good luck!
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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    Default Abyss - Hellish Plane

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post

    Don't forget to reply with your answer to the Chronicle Comment below for a chance to win Turbine Points! The winner will be selected after Noon Eastern on Friday, August 9th. Good luck!
    Plane Name :
    A region of intense, extreme, and unforgiving climates, with layers consisting of overwhelmingly fierce desert sandstorms; explosively unstable volcanic activity, boiling lava, and molten rock; blinding, sub-zero Arctic glaciers; bottomless oceans filled with enormous leviathans; nauseatingly putrid environments saturated with disease-causing fungi; and the endless, existential void of infinite space.
    The main race that inhabits the Abyss are the demons, chaotic evil beings. There are four kinds of demon: the classical, religion-inspired demons of evil and sin the Tanar'ri the ancient, Lovecraftians Obylyriths; the recently appeared Loumaras; and the other demons, which are simply demons that are not specified as belonging to any of the other three categories. Each of these categories contains numerous different species of demon.
    Like other outer planes, the Abyss is spatially infinite, this is due to nature of the plane.
    List of all of it's layers:
    1 - Pazunia (also known as The Plane of Infinite Portals or The Palace of 1001 Closets) has been described as an infinite plane with only three types of distinct features:
    The river Styx flowing through it (as it does through the top layers of other evil planes).
    Large sinkholes which connect to other layers of the Abyss, some were drilled intentionally by ancient demons during the Abyss' original exploration. The largest of these holes is the Grand Abyss.
    Iron Fortresses which guard the physical bodies of Demon Princes when they leave the Abyss to travel astrally.
    2 - Driller's Hives, realm of Tharzax the Chattering Prince.
    3 - The Forgotten Land, realm of Zzyczesiya the Ungrasped.
    4 - The Grand Abyss, a bottomless, nigh-infinite canyon that contains portals to virtually every other layer in the Abyss.
    5 - Wormblood
    6 - Realm of a Million Eyes, home to the Great Mother, Princess of Beholders.
    7 - Phantom Plane, realm of the demon lord of the lizard kings, Sess'Innek.
    8 – The Skin-shedder, realm of Volisupula the Flensed Marquesse.
    9 - Burningwater
    10 - "That Hellhole"
    11 - Molrat
    12 - Twelvetrees
    13 - Blood Tor, realm of the goddesses Beshaba and Umberlee from the Forgotten Realms setting. (2nd edition AD&D)
    14 - The Steaming Fen, realm of the Queen of Chaos.
    17 - Death's Reward, realm of Abraxas the Unfathomable.
    21 - The Sixth Pyre, realm of Kardum, Lord of Balors.
    23 - Iron Wastes, home to Kostchtchie, demon Prince of frost giants.
    27 - Malignebula, realm of the Abyssal lord Lissa'aere the Noxious.
    32 - Sholo-Tovoth: The Fields of Consumption, realm of Turaglas the Ebon Maw.
    45 to 47 - these three layers make up Azzagrat, the realm of the demon prince Graz'zt, the rival of Demogorgon. Other sources list these as layers 42 to 44. In First Edition D&D, Graz'zt's layer is an infinite palace which filled his entire layer.
    49 - Shaddonon, realm of the demon lord Rhyxali, Princess of Shadow.
    52 - Vorganund
    57 - Torturous Truth, realm of the Abyssal lord Alvarez the Purging Duke.
    66 - The Demonweb Pits, home of Lolth, queen of spiders and principal deity of evil drow, particularly in Menzoberranzan. In the Third Edition D&D Forgotten Realms cosmology, the Demonweb Pits is a separate plane. In First Edition D&D, Lolth's Demonweb is located on the 65th layer, from there access is possible to the 66th layer, where her realm and spider-ship is located.
    67 - The Heaving Hills (Verrangoin Realm)
    68 - The Swallowed Void
    69 - The Crushing Plain
    70 - The Ice Floe
    71 - Spirac, hunting grounds of the demon lords.
    72 – Darklight, realm of Nocticula the Undeniable.
    73 - The Wells of Darkness, currently serve as the prison of several demon lords such as Shami-Amorae, Ansitif and Ebulon.
    74 - Smargard, home to Merrshaulk the yuan-ti deity and Ramenos the bullywug deity. Also contains The Viper Pit (Sseth's realm; Powers & Pantheons), and the Silent Temple (Planar Handbook).
    77 - The Gates of Heaven, realm of Munkir and Nekir.
    79 - The Emessu Tunnels, realm of Anarazel the Daring Darkness.
    81 - The Blood Shallows, one of Obox-ob's former realms.
    88 - The Gaping Maw (or Brine Flats or Abysm), home to Demogorgon, Prince of Demons, one of the highest-ranking demons in the abyss.
    89 - Shadowsea, oceanic realm of the demon lord Dagon, Prince of the Depths.
    90 - The Guttering Cove, realm of Ilsidahur the Howling King.
    92 - Ulgurshek, the massive ancient Draedens
    99 - Unnamed contested layer consisting of several distinctive realms (from First edition D&D module Tales of the Outer Planes); one is where demons are spawned, another is a lightning realm, in another can be found portals leading to Juiblex and Kali's layers.
    111 - The Mind of Evil, realm of Sch’theraqpasstt the Serpent Reborn.
    113- Thanatos, the realm of Orcus, demon prince of the Undead. Some sources quote this as layer #333 or #133.
    128 - Slugbed, realm of the Abyssal lord Lupercio the Baron of Sloth.
    137 - Outcasts' End, realm of Azazel, Prince of Scapegoats.
    142 - Lifebane, realm of the god Chemosh from the Dragonlance setting. (2nd edition AD&D)
    148 - Torrent
    176 - Hollow's Heart, realm of the demon lord Fraz-Urb'luu, which, due to his magical illusions, appears to be flat, colorless, and featureless to the human eye.
    177 - The Writhing Realm, realm of Ugudenk the Squirming King.
    181 - The Rotting Plain, realm of the troglodyte god Laogzed.
    193 - Vulgarea, realm of the foxwoman goddess Eshebala.
    222 - Shedaklah (aka The Slime Pits), home to Juiblex demon Prince of Slimes, and Zuggtmoy, Demon Queen of Fungi.
    223 - Offalmound, former realm of the dead god Moander from the Forgotten Realms setting. (2nd edition AD&D)
    230 - The Dreaming Gulf, a windy realm home to the dreams of dead gods.
    241 - Palpitatia, realm of the bugbear gods Grankhul and Skiggaret.
    245 - The Scalding Sea
    248 - The Hidden Layer, realm of Eltab.
    274 - Durao (gateway layer), mustering ground for the armies of the Abyss as they prepare for battle in the Blood War.
    297 - The Sighing Clifs, realm of the Abyssal lord Lady Lynkhab.
    300 - Feng-Tu, realm of the Chinese gods Tou Mu and Lu Yueh.
    303 - The Sulfanorum
    313 – Gorrison's Grasp, site of Illssender's Tower
    333 - The Broken Scale, realm of the god Hiddukel from the Dragonlance setting. (2nd edition AD&D)
    340 - The Black Blizzard
    348 - Fortress of Indifference, ruled by Tapheon, the nalfeshnee; former realm of the demon lord Thralhavoc.
    357 - The Arc of Eternity, realm of Eldanoth the Bloodless Scion.
    377 - Plains of Gallenshu
    399 - The Worm Realm, realm of the gnome god Urdlen.
    400 - Woeful Escarand (Nalfeshnee Realm), a court at which newly arrived larvae and sometimes other demons are judged
    403 - The Rainless Waste, site of Mal Arundak, the City of Confusion (Fallen archon realm)
    421 - White Kingdom, ruled by the King of Ghouls, once a vassal to Orcus and Yeenoghu, but is now a free agent.
    422 - The Seeping Woods, ruled by Yeenoghu, Demon Prince of Gnolls. Called "Yeenoghu's Realm" in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss.
    423 - Galun-Khur
    452 - Ahriman-abad, realm of Ahrimanes, Chief of the Cacodaemons.
    471 - Androlynne, realm of Pale Night.
    487 - Lair of the Beast and Mansion of the Rake, realm of the vampire god Kanchelsis.
    489 - Noisome Vale, ruled by the balor Tarnhem.
    493 - The Steeping Isle, realm of Siragle the Ineffable.
    499 – Carroristo
    503 - Torremor, realm of the demon lord Pazuzu.
    507 - Occipitus, former realm of Adimarchus, the demon prince of madness.
    518 - Melantholep possible name of the nesting grounds of the chole dragons, or perhaps an unknown demon prince who rules the layer.
    523 - Rocky desert that houses the Lakes of Fire (see Planescape adventure 'Rapture').[citation needed]
    524 - Shatterstone, realm of the ogre god Vaprak.
    528 - Juiblex's layer in First Edition D&D, an infinite layer of slimes and oozes feeding off each other. Juiblex's palace is said to resemble the biggest pile of garbage in the multiverse.
    531 - Vudra, realm of the giant marilith Shaktari, the Queen of Poison.
    558 - Fleshforges, realm of Dwiergus the Chrysalis Prince.
    566 - Soulfreeze, realm of Aseroth the Winter Warlock.
    570 - Shendilavri, realm of the demon lord Malcanthet, Queen of the Succubi.
    586 - Prison of the Mad God, realm of the derro god Diinkarazan.
    597 - Goranthis, realm of Socothbenoth the Persuader.
    600 - Endless Maze, the realm of Baphomet, demon Prince of Minotaurs. The demoness Pale Night resides here as well.
    601 - Conflagratum, realm of the Abyssal lord Alzrius, Lord of Infernal Light.
    628 - Vallashan, a layer designed to allow temporary victory to conquering armies of good alignment, only to then corrupt the conquerors and turn them against themselves
    643 - Caverns of the Skull, realm of the Black Earth Mother Kali, the goddess of destruction. In First Edition D&D, Kali's layer was #500 and was a jungle of blood-red vegetation bordering a sea of blood.
    651 - Nethuria, realm of Vucarik, Consort of Chains.
    652 - The Rift of Corrosion
    663 - Zionyn, realm of the demon lord Obox-ob, Prince of Vermin.
    666 - ???
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    Default Plane of Lagasse-Puck

    This plane is full of wondrous consumables and libations; it is impossible to starve or dehydrate while in the plane. However, the consumables tend to be on the spicier side, so spice-induced heartburn is a problem for those with weaker constitutions. One might think that obesity would be rampant, but actually the opposite is true. For those living in the plane - and visitor's quickly discover - that all living beings are under the constant threat of spontaneous, random seasoning assults - you could be walking along, minding your own business, when all of a sudden - *BAM!*

    So one quickly learns to always be on-guard, dodging, weaving, and tumbling out of the way, lest one gets covered in "essence" and winds up in an oven or over a roaring fire becoming a tasty snack for others.

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    The Plane of Ice Cream

    This plane was once a very happy, fun place to be, with all the ice cream one could ever want. However, after a planeswalker with a nasty sense of humor passed through, every scoop of ice cream was cursed to turn into an evil eye. This plane was of course renamed to The Plane of Eye Screams.

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    Default This is about organ harvesting...

    Gimme that kidney meph!

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    Smile The Plane of Wood

    I'd like to think that there is, somewhere, a plane of wood. It has a Lawful Wood section (filled with with nicely milled lumber, ready to be assembled into perfect 90 degree angles), a Neutral Wood section (filled with bamboo because, we all know that Bamboo just doesn't care) and a Chaotic Wood section that is populated by impossible-to-find splinters.

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    The Feywild...where DDO could go next...

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    Default The Plane of Tasty Ham

    Tasty hams rain from the sky, day and night. All the inhabitants on this plane are very happy and healthy, despite their high-intake of sodium and red meat.

    But all too soon, this idyllic ham paradise is about to be interrupted by a battle so fierce it will scar the memories of all who live through it for decades to follow!

    Demon Hogs from the plane of Porkius are gearing up for invasion.

    "The Ham Wars" are about to begin...
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    The plane of Spain
    Features: This is where the rain falls (mainly).
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    Default The Plane of Waggro

    Bartylomaos the Unskilled surveyed the ranks of undead arrayed before him. He leaned over to spit disdainfully and tightened his grip on his mace.

    Beside him Fwelcyr, the warforged assassin, cleared his throat. "Wouldn't it make more sense to have gone around the demilich's encampment?" he asked.

    "I prefer the direct method," Bartylomaos said. "Look there," he pointed, "they've seen us. No going back now."

    "Wonderful," Fwelcyr muttered. "I hate skeletons."

    "Oh, ****!" Bartylomaos blurted out with an uncharacteristic lack of composure.

    "What?" Fwelcyr asked, looking around to see if someone had sneaked up on them. "What is it?"

    "My wife. I'm sorry man, but I gotta go pick up my kids."

    "What? Wait, you're married?"

    "I'm really sorry to bail out on you like this."

    Fwelcyr stared at him in disbelief. "What about the demilich? What about the undead army?"

    With a flash and a crack a portal opened in the sky above them. A giant hand with slender, well-manicured fingers reached through and descended upon Bartylomaos, plucking him from the ground and drawing him back through the portal to whatever horrific plane it had come from.

    "What about the direct method!" Fwelcyr screamed at the now-empty sky.

    "Uuunnngggghhh," grunted the zombies and skeletons as they advanced on the lone rogue.

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    Default Irian the Eternal Day

    Irian the Eternal Day is a plane of positive energy. The plane is suffused with positive energy not enough to harm life, but enough to sustain unusual forms of life, though not necessarily good aligned creatures

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    The Plane of Marshmallows

    This puffy plane of existence's landscape is featured with marshmallows of every size, shape and color imaginable, set amidst sprawling marshes of hot cocoa and resting beneath a rum-colored sky. It is inhabited primarily by the peaceable Peeps, who naturally occur in various hues and forms and are much smarter than they look, and the dreaded S'mores Cats -- ferocious beasts who know nothing of pity or remorse. The plane is ruled with an iron fist (figuratively speaking) by Staypuft the Behemoth, whose massive, suffocating bulk has been responsible for wiping out entire legions of would-be snackers.

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    I always enjoyed the plane of Dolurrh. I find sometimes find myself visiting that realm very frequently when I play DDO. Plus it comes for a visit once a year.
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    Default Yark Yark Yip!

    Humans have no name for it...they don't really know it exists. But yes, it is Yark Yark Yip, the plane from which dragonshards are mined. REALLY thought the Crystal Cove was on Eberron? Yipyarkyar 0-o

    It's filled with caverns and caverns and more caverns full of dragonshards...and kobolds mining the dragonshards, of course.

    It's hot. And humid. Did I mention the kobolds? FULL of kobolds.

    A strange aspect of the plane of Yark Yark Yip is that all food on the plane of Yark Yark Yip tastes like chicken.

    Yark Yark Yip is also the final resting place of pirates living and dead who go mysteriously missing while at sea.
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    Default Limbo

    Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo

    The name tells everything, the plane of (nowadays very fashionable) "random".
    Nothing ever the same, one can be surprised by the constant random encounters.
    The home of the githzerai the masters of psionics.

    You know what i mean

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    My Favourite has to be the Concordant Domain of the Outlands, not because of where it is, but because of the city at the center on top of the spire, known as the Cage, or Sigil City of Doors.

    The plane itself is however rather interesting, also known as the Concordant Opposition, The plane is situated between the the various alignment based planes as a neutral ground where powers can meet, and has gate towns leading off to each of them. more interesting is the effect the spire at the center has on magic, as one gets closer to it magic becomes more suppressed until no magic is possible.
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    Default what is the name of a lesser-known plane, and what are its features?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post

    Don't forget to reply with your answer to the Chronicle Comment below for a chance to win Turbine Points! The winner will be selected after Noon Eastern on Friday, August 9th. Good luck!

    order of the stick reference ^.^
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    Default Lesser Plane of Yardsrir

    Lesser Plane of Yardsrir

    The plane of Yardsrir is an starnge place to stay, very close to the Plane of death with links to the elemental planes.

    It's inhabited by unresurected characters failing to click the Resurect button on time; so the main characteristic of this plane is that you can't be resurected in there, even by your God! so any spell or abilities that bring you back to life (Raise Death, Resurection or True Resurection) don't work there, neither Death pact or any other item or effect that bring you back to life; if you die in there, your character will be another poor soul roaming this wasted lands.

    Sometimes powerful necromancers go in there to make strange runic rituals that binds some of that souls to crystals and gems to make obscure magic items with arcane properties; they find specially powerful death souls of clerics and favored souls to make that items.

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    We all know about the planes of Shavarath, Lamannia, and the Shadowfell, but what is the name of a lesser-known plane (either real or created by you), and what are its features?
    In Dungeons and Dragons there are huge variety of planes, but the plane I would like to focus on (usually confused with Prime Material Plane) is simply called "Online".

    This plane isn't THAT distinct from mentioned Prime Material, as many laws of physics function in similar matter as in Material one. The main difference between those two is what happens with their inhabitants.

    In Prime Material everyone have his own will, that can be temporally removed by mind affecting spells. However, every creature can defend against it by having, what our wise men call, a "will save". In contrary, in "Online Plane" almost everyone, in unknown periods of time, can be affected by absolutely total will domination by an alien entity. This entity then controls every single action of an citizen, effectively playing with him and his will - there aren't any mentioned "will saves" involved in this process. Thats why our wise man call those entities "players".

    However, those citizens retain their own will during the absence of "players" in their minds. This absence is called a "logout", while moment when foreign entity takes control over a citizen is called a "login". What is more, when a "player" decides to take control over an inhabitant, the controlled one is known to immediately disappear and, unknowing what he were doing in that time, appear at the last point of "logout" (or similar point in "Online" plane). Origins of this "mechanic" are unknown.

    This type of control has its good and bad sides - it usually involves a gain of power in "online" inhabitant, but rarely someone is suffering from a syndrome called "mule". His will is left unattended for long periods of time, but he is totally forced to carry items around and cannot left them anywhere. What is that makes 10 Full Plate Armors and 60 Axes & Swords carry able by them (even WITHOUT a backpack on their back) is a mystery of the ages.

    There are entities, that are totally immune to such "player login" intrusions. They're mostly of townsfolk and, strangely, merchants or traders. Why they have this immunity is a mystery to our wise men.

    This world of "Online" connects many places, but not all of them are available for possessed inhabitants. In unknown moments of history, there are events involving large waves of 'logins' and possessed travels to "new" lands. These are called, by our wise men, "updates" or "expansions". Those places obviously exist, but are, by unknown means, unavailable for inhabitants possessed by players.

    It is believed that "Online" plane connects itself to Weird Unknown World (called Earth), where are devilish machines that allow "player logins" upon world of "Online".
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    Default The Plane of Curses

    The Plane of Curses

    The Plane of Curses is ruled by Erishkigal in her great granite fortress named Decree.

    All Beings of Power have been invoking curses for millenia. But where do these curses come from?

    As the curses are imagined and metamorphosed the curses float in this realm to be used by Beings of Power.

    Anyone that travels to the plane of curses must be well protected as any curse could attach itself to you as you wander the plane. No being must use its power to invoke the curse upon you.

    The Beings of Power do not come to this plane unless at the bidding of Erishkigal. They are afraid that their own created curses might attach to them.
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