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    Default The Hidden Realm - Elven Wood - The Fortress of Zhamolis

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post

    Don't forget to reply with your answer to the Chronicle Comment below for a chance to win Turbine Points! The winner will be selected after Noon Eastern on Friday, August 9th. Good luck!
    Hidden Realm
    Elven Wood
    Fortress of Zhamolis (Zham OLeez)
    Legend holds that in a high valley cradled between the razorback ridges of the Storm Horn mountains, far to the Northwest, lies the Hidden Realm and in it, Elven Wood and the Fortress of Zhamolis.
    Few have seen this place as the peaks are too high for airships to pass over and the Elves have layers of wards in place to block magical transportation. Hence, it may only be accessed on foot from Eveningstar through a tight winding road found to the Northwest, beyond the Cormyrian Outpost by upper Myst River Falls. This area is swarming with Shar worshipping Netherese priests, sellswords and brigands, infiltrators and in the higher climes, Great Saber-Toothed Tressyms, and worse.
    To reach the great Cauldura of Shaz, where (crafting material) obsidian shards infused with pyroclastic cloud fury are found, you must navigate across the Boiled Rock Wilderness and between the razor-sharp volcanic rocks, fend off the Horned Slithzards and Stonesnakes, and then descend into a series of deep canyons cut by a millennia of rainfall, that leads back down to the Myst River where it emerges from underground.

    Carvings in the stone cliff-face show you where to enter the current, and dive to enter the extensive danger-fraught cavern. Inside ye'll find high and narrow footpaths carved into the cavern wall drip with Ooze and Creeping Moss that threatens to push you off, into raging rapids and deep pools full of Razorfish and Lightning Eels. Wet and slippery rotting rope and plank bridges must be crossed, gaps must be leapt or swung over on roots that pierce the ceiling in search of water for the three hundred foot tall Spiny Pines on the surface and then, a final up-river swim and icy trek under and through the Great Blue Glacier - West.

    (as opposed to the GBG North in the previewed tour… grrr gmta – I’ve been working on this story for months.)

    Exiting the glacier into the Hidden Realm you come upon a Trading Post where you may rent a drift boat for a thrilling ride down the Lutaan River to the valley floor where it gets wider and slows and winds past many landing spots, through forest glades and idyllic meadows before is empties into Lake Narz and eventually out the other end on its way to the fertile farmland below, home of the agrarian people of the Kingdom of Kern.

    Or you may choose to enjoy a meal, rest and relax before hiking down the switchback trail through the Elven Wood. Many prefer to float down and hunt their way up and out on their return trek. The adventurous will hunt both inbound and outbound.

    The Fortress itself a refuge and home to the Elven Elders falls under attack nightly and should ye choose to stay beyond nightfall, expect to be drafted into its defense against an onslaught of the combined might of Netheril and Sembia and their un-human allies. Defeating this swarm and following the few survivors will lead you to the secret cave they use to pierce the wards and launch their attacks, and to their kingdoms...

    The Trek Journal of Hammursmith, my grandfather, may be found on with new chapters of his tale being transcribed almost daily.
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    Default Mechanus


    Mechanus, also known as The Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus (or simply Nirvana in AD&D 1st Edition) is a purely lawful aligned plane of existence. It is one of a number of alignment-based Outer Planes that form part of the standard Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) cosmology, used in Greyhawk, Planescape and some editions of the Forgotten Realms campaign settings.

    It is the plane of ultimate law and order (neutral or chaotic creatures take -2 penalty on Charisma, Intelligence and Wisdom-based checks), where the souls of people of lawful neutral alignment go after death. Mechanus operates on a strict schedule where every action is planned, measured and controlled perfectly. It is home to the construct-like geometric modrons, the law-enforcing inevitables and the regimented giant ants called formians.

    The plane known as Nirvana was mentioned for the first time by name in the article "Planes: The Concepts of Spatial, Temporal and Physical Relationships in D&D", in The Dragon #8, released July 1977. In the article Gary Gygax describes the plane as the "plane of ultimate Law".[1] The plane was mentioned again in an appendix of the known planes of existence in the original (1st edition) AD&D Players Handbook, published in June 1978, where it was described as "Nirvana of absolute (neutral) lawfuls".[2]

    Mechanus consists of a single infinite plane; there are no constituent layers. Mechanus shares its borders with the neighbouring planes of the Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia and the Infernal Battlefield of Acheron; travel is possible between Mechanus and these planes at certain locations.

    Throughout Mechanus exists a series of interlocking cogs that float in space, intersecting at all angles and directions. Many of the cogs are gigantic, stretching many miles across and turn so slowly that the rotation is undetectable. Smaller cogs can move at much higher speeds, but no acceleration is experienced, except at the very edges. Usually smaller cogs bunch up with larger ones; these are called knots. The gears are fiercely guarded by gear spirits that reside within them. The gravitational force is oriented towards the face of each individual cog, making intercog travel a disconcerting experience for the uninitiated.


    Regulus is the home of the construct-like Modrons. Their strict hierarchy originates from Primus, a greater deity, which resides here. Regulus consists of a total of sixty-four cogs, a number that never varies. It is divided into four quarters of sixteen cogs, each ruled by a Secundus. Each quarter is in turn split into four regions, of four cogs, each ruled by a Quarton. Finally, the regions are further subdivided into four sectors, of a single cog each, ruled by an Octon.

    The Center
    At the center of the Formian realm lies a central cog more than three-thousand miles across, where the Scion Queen Mother, leader of the Formians resides. The central cog supposedly imparts the movement to all other cogs in Mechanus.

    Anu is ruled by Anu. Here exists a single huge disc, upon which his palace rests.

    The Jade Palace
    The Jade Palace is home to Shang-ti, the Celestial Emperor. His palace is the focal point of the Celestial Bureaucracy, which also supervises the Chinese pantheon. The Great Library can be found here.

    Possibly named after John von Neumann, it is a series of mysterious self-sustaining factories that produce Inevitables. It is managed and presided by the Hub of Elders, who seeks out any non-lawful activity (broken contracts, etc.) that needs to be corrected.
    More Godly Realms

    The plane of Mechanus is the location of a number of godly realms, including the god Pholtus' realm of The Path of Law, Helm's realm of Everwatch, the myconid deity Psilofyr's realm of Mycelia, Nai No Kami's realm of The Shaking Land, Yama's realm of Yamasadena, Rudra's realm of Focus of Energy, and Varuna's realm of The Vigilant Eye.

    Axial dragon

    Breath weapon: Force
    Terrain: Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Notes: Immune to a vast number of things, including acid, fire, cold, poison, and nonlethal damage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Glin View Post
    Now that I explained that, this thread is less interesting, please continue talking about ghostbane instead.

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    Default One for your consideration:

    Everyone knows the Electricity Elementals are the most honored and respected of all the Elementals. That makes the shame of their greatest secret even more deplorable. If anyone, especially another elemental, was to ever to find out, the shame would be so great that it would rival the time of the great grounding when all electricity ceased.

    Should you seek this secret out, you would find it far from any gateways, surrounded by walls of electricity so thick only the greatest of wards could protect you as you go through it. If you could somehow survive to see the inside, a wonder you would behold. A giant rotating machine, huge beyond imagination this is the source of all electricity in existence. Thousands of Elementals sworn to secrecy spend their lives caring for the titanic contraption and its host. These Elementals both revere and are reviled by it. For inside, powering the monstrosity is an equally monstrous being “Apples” the god of hamsters, bringing of life, the all spark himself.

    Imagine the shame of the noble electric Elementals having to barter with of all kinds of beings just to keep Apples happy. Traveling to the different planes to appease the unrelentingly active Apples. Only once in his existence has he stopped running. It was the electrical Elementals darkest hour. No they must Gratify him in order to avoid another great grounding.

    Among Electrical Elementals it is thought that serving Apples is the noblest and most sacrificing of callings. Most of his needs are mundane and the shame small but some are too beastly to ponder. The absolute worst of these comes from acquiring air. It’s a terrible punishment becoming an envoy to those holier than though air Elementals. You are forced to be a party favor for all the royal air elemental’s children. Just so they can get a thrill while their pompous parents laugh and mock you. Ugh! The perversion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffhanna View Post
    I'd like to think that there is, somewhere, a plane of wood. It has a Lawful Wood section (filled with with nicely milled lumber, ready to be assembled into perfect 90 degree angles), a Neutral Wood section (filled with bamboo because, we all know that Bamboo just doesn't care) and a Chaotic Wood section that is populated by impossible-to-find splinters.
    Congratulations, Geoffhanna! You've won this week's Chronicle Points. PM incoming!
    Have fun, and don't forget to gather for buffs!
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