So I tried copying my main over - as expected it failed probably because he has an active TR cache.

I wanted to test the MCI on challenge items myself - but couldn't.

So I copied his TR 'spouse' over - too look at the low level TR gear.

Some things stayed the same (+1 smiting/disrupting/banishing/paralyzing heavy repeaters)
Some things got better - due to paragon / etc weapons (making the weapon deal more damage)
but about 20% of the things got worse or just plain screwed up.

Lucid Dreams with MCI stayed ML:17. good.
Thought Spike with MCI and secret door detection - stayed the same level (1)

All my hard won BtA no minimum level rings from Reign of Madness chain - beyond worthless. All junk. the +6 stat items now ml:11 and BtA - feel absolutely irate about this.

But at least the cloak of fire, bracers of wind etc copied correctly and now are correct lore and power elements (both) - but the lore is wrong.

With the last pass arcane lore remained the same for crit chance (still miffed about the damage multiplier) - and the specific lores gained +10 - the cannith challenge items seem to be without the +10%.

Finally - while I understand the specific goal of streamlining random loot gen, the retroactive nerf nature of this change is going to affect nearly all the TR's and most of the rest of the population.

There has been NO - ZERO - ZILCH communication about this to the general live population. You will be roasted in the forums and general media for not only the nerf - but also the failure to communicate this.

I estimate over 25% of my gear for my TR will be useless or significantly devalued enough to make it worthless. This is gear I use every life.

Again - I rather not see the changes, understand the reasonings behind them, but abhor the utter lack of communication (to both Lamdaland and Live) about this.

At least i will be able to delete some gear and free up space, along with wasting all that time it took to get that specific gear.