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    Default House of Penton recruiting

    House of Penton
    est. September 2006
    Guild Leader - OWAM
    Guild Contact - Lisamischel, Remos, Sizzzzler, Wilayreden, Roe or OWAM
    Guild Website -
    Guild Server - Argonnessen
    Guild Level - 62
    Guild Description - We are a lighthearted Guild. We have casual players and very active players. We have about 6 active members. We recruit good hearted people that are friendly and patient with our newer or slower members. No Dramma Queens. We enjoy players that do not give up or have a lack of heart. Alot of us have children so we understand having to run some times. We just ask you let us know before you leave. New players are welcome same as old. Please do not apply to the guild site, just shoot me a pm, game mail, contact in game or reply to this thred. I am on Okinawa Japan time for another 09 months. Most other guildies are on a States schedule...military life,,what can ya do.
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    est. 2006

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    Default Good Boss Man

    Hiya All WE have people on during different times, just look for us. We like to run with new or old adventurers. We have a wide range of experience and willing to help others.
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