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    Default Race for a caster Cleric, post enhancement-pass

    (Note that the following is based on the goal of making as effective as possible DC-based caster Cleric. Best possible casting DCs, casting stat, and Spell Penetration are goals. This is not about being the best possible EE-solo-er ever, or the best possible "healer" or whatever. If you want a Jugg or WF Shiradi or a great-at-healing-Cleric, I don't object, but that's not what I'm discussing here.)

    In the current system, to me, Human is clearly the best choice for a caster Cleric.

    There is no +Wis race, but both Human and Half-Elf can get +1 Wisdom via the Versatility enhancement. Human's extra feat puts them way ahead of Half-Elf. (Note that Half-Elf Dil ability increases don't stack with class-based ability increases.)

    Post enhancement-pass, there are a couple of interesting changes that made me re-examine this issue in more detail:

    First, Half-Elf Dil enhancements now stack fully with all other enhancement ability increases.

    Second, Elven Arcanum is no longer Wizard-specific and is available to Half-Elf.

    So, at first glance, maybe Half-Elf can now get more Wisdom and/or Spell Pen than a Human! But how does the bottom line work out?

    My enhancement breakdown for a Human caster Cleric during the open Beta came out like this:

    Divine Disciple, 41 points, including capstone (which includes +2 Wisdom), +3 Spell Pen, and +2 Wisdom more, plus the school DC increases, etc..

    Human racial, 3 points, including +1 to Wisdom

    Radiant Servant, 22 points, including +2 to Wisdom

    Protection, 12 points, including +1 to Wisdom

    Plus 2 more points wherever you like.

    Human has 11 feats total by level 27, and, now that skills give spellpower, the extra skill point per level is more important, too.

    If I want to do the same idea, but using Half-Elf and taking advantage of Dil Wis increase and Spell Penetration increases, it works out like this:

    Divine Disciple (UNCHANGED), 41 points, including capstone (which includes +2 Wisdom), +3 Spell Pen, and +2 Wisdom more, plus the school DC increases, etc..

    Radiant Servant (UNCHANGED), 22 points, including +2 to Wisdom

    Half-Elf Racial, 1 of the following combinations:
    12 points for +2 Wisdom and +1 Spell Pen
    13 points for +2 Wisdom and +2 Spell Pen
    15 points for +2 Wisdom and +3 Spell Pen

    With fewer points left to spend, we can't take +1 Wisdom from Protection.

    So we just end up with 2-5 points left over, with the same total Wisdom, and +1-3 more Spell Penetration.

    However, we're still short a feat compared to Human. To me, 1 feat is pretty much always better than 1 or 2 points of Spell Penetration from enhancements.

    If the feat is Spell Penetration, or Epic Spell Penetration, it's even better than +3 Spell Penetration from enhancements, either by unlocking +6 in Spell Pen twists, or by directly granting +4 Spell Pen.

    So, really the only case left in contention is if you have ONE Spell Pen feat anyway, and Human would let you take Greater Spell Pen for +2, whereas Half-Elf would let you take +3 Spell Pen enhancements. The cost of that 1 point of Spell Pen is 23 skill points (potentially spell power) or 2 stat points (into Int to make up for skill points), plus spending 12 more Action Points in a racial tree instead of class tree, also lowering spell power.


    Human is still pretty much always better than Half-Elf for a caster Cleric.

    If you want the best possible Spell Pen, but can only fit exactly 1 Spell Pen Feat, Half-Elf can get you a single point more of Spell Pen at the cost of skills/Int plus class spellpower.

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    In terms of just wisdom, human could conceivably position itself to use the extra feat for +1 wisdom. All things being equal, if the build without the human bonus feat takes any non-epic feats during epic levels, a human could roll that feat down to heroic levels to free up an epic feat for Great Wisdom.

    (My cleric takes Enlarge at level 24, for example.)

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