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    Default Sunelf Morning lord build, no cool name, but could use suggestions

    So, reading up on different things trying to figure out the best morning lord build to make come the expansion.

    Right now, my thoughts are a 18/2 cleric fighter

    Idea would be to sit behind shield, with self healing and nuking from divine disciple tree, probably adding some battle cleric when warpriest tree is released.

    I realize monk is probably better, but so far, almost every toon i play is monk or monk splash, and i just need a non-monk.

    stats: sun elf

    str 15
    dex 8
    con 12
    int 10
    wis 17 - all level ups here
    cha 13

    metamagic- maximize, empower, heighten, quicken
    melee- shield mastery, improved shield mastery, shield deflection*
    more SP/Crit- mental toughness, improved mental toughness

    epic feats:
    epic mental toughness, not sure about the other epic feats

    *if you don't know what shield deflection is:

    Shield Deflection is a new Heroic feat. It requires +8 Base Attack Bonus and General or Tower Shield Proficiency.
    When actively blocking with any type of Shield you are proficient with, you gain a Competence bonus based on the type of shield to completely ignore Acid, Cold, Electric, and Fire damage:
    Buckler: 20%
    Small Shield: 25%
    Large Shield: 30%
    Tower Shield: 40%

    Any suggestions for the build?

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    Take 1 Rogue (or Arti)/1 Fighter/18 Cleric, or stay pure. When you don't have SP anymore, you can still search and disable traps, if you have the right items pushing S and DD. Your main focus will always be on Cleric, so why another Fighter Level, when you can get so much more benefit from one Rogue/Arti Level? I don't see the pros from two Fighter Levels. Sure u can shield, but what is it good for the party?

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