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    Question A Behaviorist's Account of Social Behavior in DDO - Issue 1.0

    *Produces scenic mountains with lush forest and wild animalz running scardy*

    I was producing a group to venture into a dungeon when a dude joined. I had posted for more to join, and the dude obviously thought to join and show the rest of us how to do this thing.

    I told the dude on voice chat to do a bit less of the part he wanted to play (direct quote: "Hey man, could you please not zerg while you're in our group? We're trying to have fun, *laughs*.") and he left our group. Later i learned he had quoted me in his bio for kicking him from our group, i.e. fabricated it in his bio just like:

    (Party) worsedude, tells: you are a bad dude!,
    (Combat): worsedude kicks dude from group.

    Long before all of this was common knowledge, the dude asked me who I was, and the name of my characters, so he could ignore all of them. I told him all of them because I thought he was making fun.

    Time went by. Like a month, maybe even more.

    Then one day I saw the dude post an LFM for a specific role for a difficult raid (a spot you could normally look for for a long time), and I thought, hey, thats the dude! I could show him that I'm actually a really good player! To my surprise, he declined me saying to my character (one of the characters I told him back then when I couldn't belive he seriously wanted to ignore my entire account for asking him not to zerg in our group): "we zerg". That was when I accidentally read his bio, fabricating actions supposedly done by a representation approximating, albeit directly quoted as - me...? (As quoted above).

    Once again, I strained myself to do what I've been taught is best to do: turn yet another one of those plentiful cheeks.

    Time passed by and hisory repeated itself. Dude puts LFM, supposedlyworsedude applies but this time the dude answers! An historical achievement that deserves documentation in itself: I asked him, can I join your group now dude? (It's months ago I asked him to not zerg in my questing group). He answered, no sorry. (Obviously still not recovered from my request). I was, to say the least, wrecked by disappointment and emotional turbulence!

    Just thinking about the level of emotional investment put in the decision to decline rather than just... getting the job done!? Im amazed. At the verge of tears, admittedly. Not sure if its love, sadness or an all out Leslie Nielsen maniacly cackling...

    *Reproduces said mountains with animals relaxedly eating grass and berries, not even noticing the morning fog*

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