For the sake of bravery bonuses, as well as Purple Dragon Knights favor, I desire to do a CitW raid. However, the problem is not many people do Epic Hard (For understandable reasons), so I figured I would post here in a effort to have my plea heard.

Im a good rogue mechanic, level 24. I use the Shiradi Champion Epic Destiny at level 4, on the verge of breaking 5, have completed all of the MotU quests on at least Epic Hard, with a few epic elite completions (All epic hards were done on a hireling duo, completed Impossible Demands on Epic Elite with a hireling duo), and is a worthwhile asset to a raid party.

Any takers? If so, list the date and time and ill reply to you if I can make it.

I am normally available at Central Daylight time anytime on monday, wednesday and friday, and only before 11 A.M. CDT on all other days.