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    Default Elven Arcane Archer/Palemaster (Post E-Pass)

    Hey all whilst I'm waiting for Lama to grant open access again I've been messing around with a couple builds based on the E-Pass (using this PDF) and I found that Elven AAs get a few cool boosts (I was originally looking into AA for a friend who wanted a Sorcerer AA so I was looking into the E-Pass to try to future proof it)

    1. Elven AAs can now use Dex as a damage stat with longbows...this makes it so your not limited to Bow Str which actually makes a Fighter 2 Splash more appealing than a Ranger 2 Splash (get Manyshot at 10 instead of 12 :P)

    2. Skill: 3% extra shot chance, 3% dodge, and bypass 3% dodge. Nothing to sneeze at

    3. The Skeleton Pet is actually useful now if you have the AP for it (not sure if you would)

    4. Improved Shroud/Bone Armor gives a nice boost to the PM Forms

    5. Neg Heal Amp woot

    6. The entirety of the AA Tree...just so many cool new abilities...except arrow of slaying which only does 250 damage now

    There are two negatives though zombie still sucks and the devs expect us to take the Heal skill to boost our neg energy spellpower now.

    Anyways all that said here's what I've come up with for my Post E-pass PMAA (obviously will change based on E-Pass changes)

    Elf Wiz18/Fighter2 (Palemaster/AA)
    Dex 18
    Con 12
    Int 18
    Skills: UMD, Concen, Spellcraft, Heal, Diplo, Balance
    Level Order: Fighter 1, Wizard 2 - 9, Fighter 10, Wizard 11 - 20
    1 PBS
    F1 Rapid Shot
    W1 Extend
    3 Precise Shot 
    6 SF: Necro or Enchant (Augment Summoning if can fit PM Pet)
    W7 Empower
    9 GSF: Necro or Enchant (SF: N or E if Augment Summoning is taken)
    F10 Manyshot
    12 Spell Pen
    W12 Maximize
    15 IC: Ranged
    W17 Heighten
    18 Greater Spell Pen
    ED Shiradi (SD is an okish alternative)
    21 Improved Precise Shot 
    24 Epic Spell Pen or Combat Archery
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