i would like to discuss this interesting bastard sword here. are many people using it actually? ever since i got my pair of these, i cant think of not building my toon around them. i just love the woowoo sound

2 other things:

1) how can you quantify the level drain effect in dps numbers? do these bonus effect play a role at all in peoples dps calculations? while other weapons have nice effects too, the level drain just seems to make it such a great suppport weapon for your whole group.

2) are you aware, that the vampirism effect is influenced by your heal amp? my current toon is a 15 pally, 3 monk, 2 fighter. i got heal amp from 2 pally lives, 2 hunter of dead, 1 monk, 30% item and 20% item, human healing amp 2 at the moment. this means, each hit heals me for 2-8 hp. i would say for 4-5 hp on average. which is quite nice. i cant hit fast enough to stay alive purely with my swords in epic elite, but in ehard with few enemies around, i rarely need any other healing at all.