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    Post rogue/fighter/pally

    Im looking at making a viable trapmonkey rogue but descent melee damage. At this stage was thinking along the lines of 3 pally, 4 fighter rest rogue but am definitely open to this. To be honest never really attempted anything like this ive only done pure class builds so any help or advice is appreciated. Looking at going TWF so main stats would end up being strength,dex, con, int to start with some boosts to charisma to use the pally lvls to make up on will saves. Like I said any and all of this is open really. So id need an idea of how many lvls in each class people recommend and at what lvl I take them. Only done a brief one up to lvl 7 myself so far *with the improved veteran status thingy* Equipment advice is also welcome but not 100% necessary im sure I can figure the majority of that out :L also what weapons people recommend with the TWF

    As i said i made the lvl 7 version and this is what ive got so far


    starting stats:

    1st lvl rogue
    feats: toughness, two weapon fighting

    2nd lvl fighter
    feats:weaponfocus slashing

    3rd,4th and 5th lvl paladin
    feats:nimble fingers
    ability increase strength to 17

    6th lvl fighter
    feats:two weapon defence, power attack

    7th lvl rogue.

    main rogue skills at this lvl pre buffs, enhancements and gear are

    Any advice in varitaion of feats or lvls are welcome. I also intend to use a +2 to everything tome after i finalise and round out the character abit which will boost things too. Enhancements ive done up but figure might be an overload of information to put on here so if anyone has any advice on that too feel free
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